Why Unattended Death Cleanup Augusta Georgia Is Harder Than Regular Death Cleanups

This is not to say that any death cleanup is an easy affair. If anything, having to face the aftermath of a death, let alone clean it up, is enough to make the job hard for anyone. Unattended death cleanup Augusta Georgia however, presents about challenges and difficulties that inexperienced cleaners might not be able to handle, and even the experienced ones might find hard to. 

You don’t think so? Then, consider these

Structural Compromise

Usually, if a death is reported immediately it occurs, the authorities evacuate the body and do some on-scene investigation. Then the cleanup crew can get to cleaning the scene and probably get rid of a few objects that have been affected beyond remedy.

It is a different story where unattended death cleanup Augusta Georgia is concerned. Depending on how long the death has gone unnoticed, the body fluids might have already seeped out of the body and been absorbed by the walls and floors. It sometimes goes as deep as the subfloors, and the only course of remedy would be to completely replace the walls and floors.

Presence of Rodents

Cleaners who have to handle unattended death cleanup Augusta Georgia might also have to deal with the number of rodents that have feasted on the dead body and have made the scene their home. Their presence is not the only inconvenience to the cleaners. There is also the issue of their droppings which could be harmful to human health.

In cases where there is a rodent infestation, it goes without saying that there are bound to be lots of insects, worms and a host of other organisms just there having a good time.

Dealing with the Odor

Death of course has a distasteful smell that is highly pervasive even when the dead body is allowed to remain for just a short while. When it is more than a short while though, then it goes beyond highly pervasive to completely pervasive and purely putrid.

To completely get rid of the odor that unattended death can cause, the cleaners have to put in extra effort into making sure that they carry out a thorough cleaning job. Then, they must employ strong disinfectants and deodorants in treating the scene and other affected areas.

The three reasons mentioned above are some of the strongest reasons why homicide cleaners would rather clean up a regular homicide scene than have to deal with unattended death.

Stages of Decomposition

All dead bodies usually undergo decomposition which comes in 5 stages. 

The Fresh Stage: this occurs immediately after death, when the body can no longer inhale oxygen to dispense its own waste.

Bloating: the body produces gases that remain trapped in the body. This causes swelling and skin discoloration.

Active Decay: the body organs, muscles, and skin begin to liquefy and seep out through its openings.

Advanced Decay: this is just a continuation of the active decay stage, but is marked by reduced activities of insects, maggots, and microbes.

Skeletal Stage: at this stage everything has now decayed, except the skeleton.