FAQs About The Suicide Scene Cleanup Service

Suicide is on a steady rise in these times. There’s a great increase to the frequency of deaths by suicide in diverse world countries. First off, if you’re reading this, suicide isn’t the answer. It doesn’t end the pain, it just gifts it to someone else in the form of friends and family. Nevertheless, with this increase comes an increase in the demand of a suicide scene cleanup service. While they may be loads of service providers within and outside one’s vicinity, it’s imperative to know exactly how one gets to become a Suicide Scene cleaner. This piece is all about common frequently asked questions of aspiring suicide scene cleaners.

Is any educational background necessary?

In most states, suicide scene cleaners aren’t required to have a fancy college degree or anything of the sort. Matter of fact the only educational qualification could be a high school diploma or a GED. 

What then is the requirement?

The Suicide scene cleanup service only requires certain characters in its employees. This includes compassion, tolerance for blood, bodily fluids or a corpse, commitment, integrity, thoroughness when working and attention to detail. However, applicants who have a form of medical training have an advantage. Nevertheless, the service offers training programs to its chain of staff in preparation for the jobs ahead. 

What’s the job really about?

As the name implies, working for a suicide scene cleanup service means your job description includes disinfecting, cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing the vicinity in which an individual committed suicide. In plain terms, workers walk into potential crime scenes with the evidence of the event splattered all around the area. This can be a lot for a newbie but people in this profession seem to have developed a tolerance for it over the years. 

How is this different from a conventional cleaning service?

The Suicide scene cleanup service does way more than just clean, it restores the scene to its once habitable state. Besides, how many typical cleaning jobs involve corpses and suicide? Chances are its slim to none. Being a part of this service opens you up to new yet scary experiences it defies the norm and that’s what most people love about it. 

Are there any regulations on this service?

Yes. The suicide scene cleanup service follows government protocols as well as their jurisdictions on waste disposal and its environmental management policies. This is done to protect and preserve public health and safety. Agencies like OSHA which stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration and others ensure the longevity of workers’ health too. 

How are the incentives?

Pretty great. Workers are entitled to health benefits amongst other things. These cleaners make an average of 30-50 thousand dollars per annum depending on their rank and employer of course. 

Working in this service is a decent way to earn a living. However, it requires a lot of heart and tolerance to actually be a part of this type of service as the experiences can be gruesome.