Knowing When to Call the Professional Hoarding Cleanup Service

There are a lot of cleanup services for diverse types of events, some of which are more serious than others. Somewhere on this list of events is hoarding. Hoarding is considered by physicians and experts to be a mental disorder in which an individual obsessively reserves items that are deemed as trash to others. This is usually because of a certain sentimental value these items or trash have to them. This leads to accumulated waste and potentially hazardous materials being crowded all offer such an individual’s personal and working space. This disorder is not particularly common as it only affects about 2-6% of the population. However, it can create serious tensions in relationships, careers, or even education. This piece is about identifying certain traits that are synonymous with hoarders and knowing when to call a professional hoarding cleanup service on their behalf. 

This condition occurs more in men than women. Also, adults between 55-94 years of age are more likely to suffer from it than the younger generations. Hoarding has a ton of risks both to lives and property which include fire hazards, health violations, tripping hazards and many others. A hoarder can save almost anything from nail clippings to used coupons, tickets or vouchers, outgrown clothes, hair, etc. These individuals will save anything that they think means something to them and are usually oblivious about their ailment. Visible clutter along diverse areas in the house due to a great number of possessions or too little space.

Here are some signs that your home is being overthrown by hoarding. 

  • Zero accessibility to many areas of the home due to difficulty in penetration.
  • Having problems with throwing out or giving anything away regardless of their worth.
  • Devoting value to items that are worthless and displaying emotional distress over the thought of parting with them. 
  • Living spaces are gradually or have already become unusable due to junk accumulation. 

Based on these signs, such an individual’s home or personal space can never be sanitary as it is a great host for thriving microbes and other types of hazardous organisms, which are potential health hazards for the individual and everyone within the environs. As a family member or friend to a hoarder, it is imperative to call or seek the professional hoarding cleanup service to for succor while devising methods through which the hoarder can be helped. 

Cost of professional hoarding cleanup services

The cost of cleaning up different categories of clutter and related junk varies greatly, hence estimating the cost wouldn’t be possible without physically assessing the location. However, the cost depends on the size of the property which will determine the time that’ll be taken, number of crew members and supplies that’ll be needed. It also depends on the property type, location, materials that need disposing and the method of disposal. However, the cost goes up if there are any potentially hazardous materials present at the location. 

With professional hoarding cleanup services, the evidence of hoarding will be cleared and a fresh start will be revealed.