What to Consider As You Select a Real Estate Agent

Working with a real estate agent offers many benefits when selling a property. With their services, you’ll make smart decisions avoid common pitfalls, and fast-track the process. Nonetheless, not every real estate can fit the bill. You need the best real estate agents to realize such advantages. Selecting the best real estate agents in the rich and competitive pool can be daunting. This doesn’t have to be the case, especially if you know where to look and what to consider. Services like Agent IQ makes the process hassle-free as you can easily compare the best agents and pick the right fit. Consider these points to ensure you pick the best as you compare real estate agents.

Table of Contents

Track record

How many properties has the agent sold in your region? The track record can help you establish a lot, from the average days on the market, selling price, and success rate. An agent with an extensive list of properties sold is ideal. The data will give you an idea of the price the agent can fetch for your property and the expected period to find an ideal buyer and close the deal. Following your priorities, such as a higher price or faster sale, you can pick the agent matching your needs, facilitating a smooth experience.


Local knowledge can’t be accumulated within a short period. As you consider an agent, see how long they’ve been in the industry and, more specifically, your region. Local market dynamics, such as the going mortgage rates, property prices, in-demand features, to mention a few, are essential when navigating the real estate landscape. An experienced agent has the skills and connections. This provides you with essential details to facilitate productive progress. They’ll help you devise a practical strategy, such as how to stage the house to attract more buyers and where to list, ensuring that you land the best deal. 


Are the previous clients happy? An agent can make promises, but what they deliver is what matters. You can establish this from the reviews and ratings. Clients won’t be happy if they promise a faster sale and a good price, but it takes forever to attract interest. Their ratings won’t be good, telling you that they don’t deliver as promised. Real estate with amazing ratings and glowing reviews is the go-to.


Agent fees and commissions count as you pick an ideal service. You could, for example, be tempted by the low upfront fee only to incur a significant commission after the sale. A blank look at the upfront fee or commission percentage doesn’t give you the big picture. You could be stuck in a costly contract if you rush into an agreement without understanding the terms. Considering the terms and expected total cost helps you pick an agent who’ll deliver the best financial value and experience.

Don’t ignore the agent’s personality as you make the final pick. Do you like the agent? Effective communication can’t be emphasized enough as you manage one of the most stressful periods. Considering your gut feeling and hiring a real estate agent you like is essential, facilitating the development of a healthy relationship.