Commonly Asked Questions About RV Water Heaters

A lot of people that have installed an RV water heater and those intending to install, always have a lot of questions about its working and maintenance. Companies like Furrion, which have been experts in providing RV water heaters, have recorded a lot of questions from clients both new and old. Before installing, it is important to know how it works and gather all the information before requesting an RV heater for your adventure. You don’t have to be a mechanic, but it is always vital to know the inner working of an RV. The RV can help make your camping experience more comfortable. In this article, we are reviewing some of the most asked questions about water heaters for RV.

How do you heat water in a hot tank for an Rv? Which is the best?

Most people anticipating buying water heaters for RV always wonder how to heat water. There are three main ways to heat the water in a hot water tank. These ways include the use of electricity, propane, or heat from the engine. Using electricity is the most convenient way to not worry about the pilot lights going out. However, the most economical way to heat your water is using the engine. Since you use your vehicle, you can utilize the heat from your engine. However, the engine has the disadvantage of getting cold water when your it is off.

How do I start my RV Water Heater?

After you install an RV heater, you might be wondering how to start the hot water in RV. Turning on the heater is easier since you just have to locate your RV electric water heater switch and turn it on. If your water heater is in gas mode, you need to click the igniter on the pilot light. However, some pilot lights may require to be lit manually. It is vital to always refer to your owner’s manual to learn more.

 Do RV Water Heater Tanks Vary in Size?

Yes. Most RV water tanks heaters vary from 6 gallons to 10 gallons. However, you will also find four small gallons as much as larger sixteen-gallon versions. These water tanks also can be determined by the number of people that you are going to camp with. The more the people, the larger the tank.

Can I leave my RV Water Heater on?

Most people often leave their Rv heaters on after taking a shower or cleaning some dishes and wonder if it’s ok or not. For your camping period, leaving your water tank on is not a problem. However, it is advisable to keep it off when you not using it to save some energy, especially when using the engine. You can save some expenses. It is also vital to ensure you don’t power your RV heater with the bypass valve still on. The heater can get damaged in case there is no water.

How long do Rv Heaters Last?

Good maintenance of your heater can serve you for more than a decade. To preserve your heater, you should utilize an anode rod and drain the tank during winterization, and it will help maintain its good form.

How much does an RV Heater Cost?

This is a question that most people often start by asking. From the work and convenience of the heater, it is never that cheap. You should, however, inquire about the cost of installing the heater and buying the equipment before so you don’t miss out on your budget. A suburban 6-gallon tank can cost around $355 and the price is a bit higher for the large ones.

What Can be the Problem When I get Lukewarm Water in my RV Water Heater?

If your water heater does not get warm, the problem may be with your faucet. If it is working, but the water is still not warm or cold, ensure that the outside faucets of your shower for both warm and cold water are off. Leaving the faucet on can lead to the cold and warm water mingling, which can prevent the warm water from getting into the RV.

How do I Prevent Corrosion Inside the Tank?

You might be wondering about the best way to protect and maintain your RV tank. Installing an anode rode will protect your tank from corrosion as only the rod will be affected. These anode rodes are easy to install, and you can keep checking them from time to time. This gives you the advantage to change them if corroded. The advantage of using this node is that they are not expensive.

How Long Does It Take an RV Heater to heat up?

The heating time differs depending on the method you use for heating. A propane heater often heats half the time it takes an electric heater. It can also heat for an average of thirty minutes, while an electrical can heat at approximately one hour. Depending on the urgency of your showers, you can consider time as a factor.

How Do I Turn Up the Temperature of the Water?

Many water heaters have a temperature control dial that enables you to adjust the water temperature for colder or hot showers. However, it is crucial to confirm with the instruction of the manufacturer. If you don’t have the manual, try searching on the internet for your specific kind of RV heater.

Am Using an Electric Heater but the Water Won’t Get Hot?

If you are sure that the electric heater has power, the problem can be the heating elements or an internal connection, or the fuse. To fix this, you require the manufacturer’s manual to know the specific model of your water heater and read carefully the instruction. Don’t forget to turn off the power to the electric heater before embarking to change and install a new heating element.


To enjoy all the benefits of the heater, you must take care of your heater. Ensure regular checking of the heater and always refer to the owner’s manual for instructions. In case of emergency or trouble fixing, you can call the company or an expert in the RV water heater system.