Top Tips for Creating a Country Style Bathroom

As the one room in the home that provides you with a space to wind down, relax, and escape, you want your bathroom to be the ultimate rustic retreat. For those who adore a country-style décor, a rustic bathroom finish will be the perfect touch to existing interiors. With the warm, cozy aesthetic and classic features to compliment that, a country-style bathroom is ideal for whisking you away to your very own paradise without even having to leave your home. But how do you achieve this rustic style?

Keep Things Natural

One of the key elements to country-style décor is the use of natural materials. Wood and other soft materials really help to enhance the country style, from stunning oak beams to wooden cabinetry and wooden flooring, you can create a gorgeous, warm aesthetic that boasts everything wonderful about country-style décor. Along with the beauty of wood, introducing other natural elements such as house plants will help to lift the atmosphere within the room and create a really fresh feel. There are lots of gorgeous house plants available under £50, that you can purchase to add life to your bathroom and complete the look perfectly.

Porcelain Features

Making a classic statement in bathrooms across the world, porcelain appliances are a must when it comes to country-style décor. The iconic bright white features complement the wooden additions and neutral color palette, bringing the whole room together in harmony. From the bathroom sink to the bath itself, you can introduce porcelain in a number of ways to capture that country look. Working with a stunning rolltop tub or standing smart shower, you can ensure your bathroom looks the part, as well as providing your home with ultimate in luxury bathing.

Neutral Colours

In order to achieve the perfect country style, you need to incorporate a neutral, earthy colour palette to your bathroom space. From the walls to the accessories, by using neutral colours you can enhance the overall décor style and maintain a warm, inviting feel. The typical country colour palette ranges from greens, creams and browns to embody nature and the countryside. These colours are also ideal for keeping things calm and collected, creating the perfect atmosphere for your bathroom. From your towels and bathroom accessories to the colours on your walls, you can introduce these colours and play around with what works best for the space you have.

Upcycled Pieces

Having a range of old, worn furniture pieces can really help to add to the overall country style in the bathroom. Whether you upcycle an old vanity unit or repurpose an oak chest for storage of towels and other bathroom essentials, you can add to the overall aesthetic and really complement your existing décor. The great thing about upcycling these pieces is to also help do your bit for the environment, putting quality furniture to good use without replacing them with newer additions, helping to maintain the rustic look, and complete your country style bathroom in style.