Key Gardening Trends from 2020

Every year we look forward to seeing which gardening trends have taken off and with many staying at home this year, it’s been a fascinating year in the world of gardening. From dining alfresco to introducing greenhouse gardening, there have been lots of easy yet enjoyable trends that the everyday gardener has been able to make the most of. Continue reading for a summary of some of the top gardening trends from 2020 and find inspiration for your own garden this year.

Growing Your Own

With lockdown in March and many people working from home, there’s been a huge rise in the amount of time people are spending in the garden. Not only has it been more enjoyable to spend quality time in the garden but growing your own has become a must for many people today. By growing your own herbs and veggies you can eliminate unnecessary travel to the supermarket or local shop, as well as saving some money too. There’s something wonderful about the taste of your own homegrown produce and with more time spent at home, it’s made it much easier for people to take on these tasks. Whilst there are different levels to what you can grow, you can take your own skillset into consideration and invest your time in projects that you know you can enjoy and make the most of.  Don’t forget that garden fences keep a wildlife like deer out so they do not eat the delicious vegetables before they are harvested. Take a look online here for essential gardening equipment and tools to help you grow your own and get your green fingers put back into action!

Family Fun

As mentioned above, spending lots of time in the garden has been a necessity this year and with that has come lots of family fun. There are so many amazing ways to get the whole family outdoors and having fun in the garden, with lots of educational things to do as well. Some great ways to involve the whole family in the garden include growing fruit and veg, choosing easy to grow items for your little ones to enjoy watering and watching grow. Being in the garden also opens you up to the opportunity of teaching the children which flowers are which and when they bloom. This kind of thing can be really fun for little ones, as well as helping them learn at the same time!

Bright Colour

Colour is everything in the garden and 2020 has seen bright colours taking over. From flowers to brightly-coloured plant pots, bringing colour to the garden will instantly add character and life to the garden, making space very aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. It’s so easy to add colour to the garden, with certain plants bringing plenty of colour all year round creating beautiful displays every month. If you’re struggling to introduce colour to your garden, take a look in some gardening magazines or on Pinterest for some inspiration to help you brighten up your outdoor space.

Creating Zones The garden is often seen as the final room of the home and splitting it into zones has become a very popular thing to do. Depending on what you want to get out of your garden, there are lots of ways you can split your space into zones and really utilize your garden properly. From outdoor reading nooks or quiet areas to alfresco dining and a space for your flowers or produce, creating different zones will make your garden feel full of life and activity. There’s nothing better than having a stylish alfresco dining space that overlooks your beautiful flower displays, full of color and character.