The types of projects a mid-sized 5-tonne excavator can be used for

Medium-sized excavators or midi excavators are a great help in completing larger projects at a lower cost. They are much easier to transport to the Jobsite and have got ample power to undertake extensive construction works.

These excavators from a range of 6 to 10 tons can work efficiently in small spaces where mini-excavators can’t provide enough power. The market for 5 tonne excavators is getting stronger with each passing day. The trends are changing and the popularity for excavators of this range has grown considerably. This growth has a relation with the business in building construction, infrastructure, and rental sectors.

More and more companies are offering improvements in this size class. Enhanced hydraulics has not only increased their speed but has also allowed these machines to have greater dig depth and lifting capacity. Another positive impact has been the minimum swing-radius that has made them ideal in the segment of works where mobility and maneuverability are required.

A lot of mid-sized contractors or companies that are looking to take their business to the next level are showing interest in this class because of productivity and developments in recent technologies.

So, if you’re also interested in this size of excavators; here’re some common projects you can use them for.

Bridge and road construction jobs

A very serious problem with the standard size excavator and its traditional tail swing was that it can easily be stuck in traffic making it impossible to work in one lane and avoiding traffic closure. But those days are gone. With midi excavators, you’ve got reduced-tail swing excavators that can operate within the width of one lane of a road and it can also cause minimum damage to the adjacent structures.

Infrastructure projects in urban areas

In many projects around urban areas, transportability is a major concern. You require heavy machinery at the job site so you can’t go with a mini-excavator and due to transportation problems, you can’t take a standard excavator there. In such cases, the midi-excavator has a lot to offer. They offer greater lift capacities and dig depths than mini-excavators and thus ideal for such projects.

Digging trenches and foundations

Because of narrow access to the building projects, mid-sized excavators can help a lot in terms of boosting your excavation projects. They can offer a great helping hand while excavating the foundation of a building or digging trenches for a project.

General grading/landscaping

 Because of the reduced footprint, these excavators are ideal for large scale landscaping projects. You can use them to clear land or excavate to create a decorative water feature even in the most confined spaces. You can use the grading buckets and blades of an excavator to create any desired landscape effect in no time.


With proper attachments, a 5 tonne excavator hire can be productive for your forestry projects. Mid-sized excavators can work like harvesters, processors, stump puller, or log loader. With such a machine at hand, you can get the flexibility and productivity you’re always dreaming of.