How Smart Homes Can Benefit from Crestron Programming

A “smart home” can mean different things to different people. For some, it involves the use of retail products such as smart thermostats, or connecting things like lighting and audio to a voice-controlled virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. For others, a smart home is a home that is outfitted with a fully customized and integrated smart home system. This means that all of their home’s systems can be controlled from a single device—even when they are not at home.

Homeowners who want the latter type of smart home often turn to Crestron programming companies to give them the type of fully integrated home control and home automation they’re looking for. Crestron programming allows homeowners to customize their smart homes—giving them functionality not available by using devices that can be purchased in retail stores.

Crestron programming isn’t for every homeowner. It is regarded as a premium service, and as such, not within every homeowner’s budget. For a customized smart home system, a dedicated Crestron programmer or Crestron programming company needs to be brought in to give the smart home system the functionality that isn’t built into the equipment, and this type of specialized service is typically does not come cheap! That is why you will generally only see custom-programmed Crestron systems in high-end smart homes.

These systems are indeed impressive! What most homeowners love most about them is how easy they are to use. With an integrated Crestron control system, a homeowners doesn’t need multiple remote controls, apps, in-wall touch panels, or other devices to control, monitor, and automate their home’s systems. They can use a single device, such as their smartphone or tablet, to control their home’s security system, its lighting, its audio and video systems, the climate control systems, and more.

Matthew Grisafe, the owner of a Crestron programming company that works in high-end homes throughout the country, had this to say about customized smart homes: “At our company (AV Programming Associates), we focus on giving homeowners a high amount of functionality, while also making their system easy to use. If a system is too complicate or doesn’t perform reliably, it will provide a homeowner with frustration, rather than the convenience it’s meant to give. Some of our clients are admittedly not very tech savvy. But they also want their home to be well equipped with a system that makes it easy to monitor and manage their home’s systems. These are the types of clients who find real value in the type of work we do.”

Customized smart home systems are especially great for homeowners who love to entertain. By creating “scenes” within the Crestron system, a homeowner can get their home set up for a party with the touch of one button! After the initial set-up is done, the homeowner can simply select the “party” scene on his or her control device, and the lighting, sound, security system, water features, and more can be adjusted pre-selected levels. At the end of the party, the scene can be de-selected—returning all of the systems back to their normal settings.

If you are in the market for a Crestron programming company to help you get the smart home of your dreams, don’t hire just any programmer. Look for one that is a certified Crestron Service Provider (CSP) in order to get the best service and support.