Is your home secure? Here is some helpful information on how to improve your home security with a locksmith

The unfortunate reality is break-ins are a common occurrence here in Australia and to avoid being an easy target, you should put some preventative measures in place. Home security can be tricky to install and it must be done correctly to do its job properly. The good news is you can drastically improve your home security with the help of a locksmith, here’s how.

Why a locksmith?

Locksmiths are trade professionals that specialize in locks, key, and home security. Hiring a qualified and experienced locksmith will ensure that all your equipment is installed precisely which will increase the overall security of your home. Hiring someone unskilled can leave your home vulnerable to thieves. The higher your security measures are the less likely thieves are going to attempt to enter your home.

Locks on your garage

Most freestanding homes have a garage and not much skill is required to break into one. If a door within the home provides access to the garage this can put your family at risk. Getting a locksmith to install a garage lock rather than relying on the garage opener of sliding lock for security can drastically reduce the chances of an intruder gaining access to your garage.

Motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights will switch on when they detect movement. This can cause an intruder to panic and flee at the risk of being caught. They not only deter thieves but make your home safer too. The sensors will pick up your movement in the dark enabling you to see where you are going without the risk of falling over. Your locksmith can help you install these correctly and its best to have them at both the front and back of the house in case someone tries to break into your home through the backyard.

Home alarm system

A home alarm system is a great way to keep your home protected and your family safe. Properties without them are most at risk of being broken into. Home alarm systems are so technologically advanced today that they not only alert authorities of an intruder but can also detect fire and carbon monoxide. They detect heat and gas within the home and alarm you the homeowner and contact authorities. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms do alert you but cannot call for assistance like these systems do. For elderly people or those with mobility issues, they are invaluable. If they find themselves if a life-threatening situation and no one else is home to assist, authorities can arrive quickly and help. They are a worthwhile investment to protect your assets and could potentially save a life.

CCTV monitoring

CCTV is another fantastic way to protect your home and family. They allow you to capture impressions of anyone that shouldn’t be on your property using cameras. Just having them positioned around the home is enough for most burglars to boycott breaking into your home. If someone proceeds to enter your home, you can give the footage to the police which will increase the possibility of the offender being apprehended. You can also observe people approaching your property before opening the door to potential threats. Additionally, having CCTV monitoring installed can reduce the amount you have to pay on your home insurance.


Most people lock the front and back door when they leave home, however, thieves don’t just break in through these points. Windows and second-story doors are commonly used to gain access. It’s easy to leave inferior locks as they are thinking the likelihood of getting broken into is slim, but it’s not worth taking the chance. Like anything, locks are prone to wear and tear over time. Call your trusted locksmith to come out and replace any old or damaged locks around your home when necessary.


Deadlocks that are installed inside the door require a key to unlock them. If someone has broken into your house via a window, they will not be able to get out the door without the key. This makes stealing large items from your home difficult and the thieves are more likely to get caught vacating your property from the window rather than the door. For added protection, get your locksmith to install double deadlocks.

Get extra keys cut but keep them safe

It’s a good idea to keep a spare key somewhere secure for times that you may lock yourself out the house which can be unsafe at nighttime, plus it saves having to call out a locksmith. If you have a spare key, make sure you don’t store it an obvious place. This is the first place that thieves will look and if you hide it somewhere out the front, you risk people potentially seeing where you put it. Think outside the box with your placement of your key or purchase a safe box to keep it in.

Most don’t evaluate the security around their home until they’ve already been broken in to. Don’t wait for this to happen. Being proactive about the security around your home will ensure your belongings and family are safe and protected. Locksmiths are equipped with the skills and tools to be able to enhance the security of your home. Do you need a locksmith? Call the Gold Coasts’ most trusted locksmiths, Express Locksmith Gold Coast for all your lock and security needs.