Adirondack Chairs for San Diego Homes, With Customization Available

You can purchase Adirondack chairs in a lot of places in and around San Diego. You can even find Adirondack chairs made from plastic in local big box stores. But what if you want something better than what you can find in the stores—something that will withstand the elements well (and by “elements”, we mean the constant San Diego sunshine)? Or what if you want the chairs to be especially sturdy, or to be made from a certain type of wood?

If you have specific requirements for your Adirondack chairs, you may need to look into having them made by a custom woodworking company in San Diego.

Three Pines Wood Co., a custom furniture company in San Diego, is currently taking orders for Adirondack chairs and Adirondack chair sets to be delivered in Spring and early Summer. Their 5-piece Adirondack chair sets include two Adirondack chairs, two ottomans, and a small side table that is designed to be placed in between the two chairs. Unlike many of the Adirondack chairs you’ll find in stores throughout San Diego, these chairs and sets are made from high-quality hardwoods, and built using tried-and-true construction methods for strength and durability.

Jack Ward, owner and master builder at Three Pines Wood Co., had this to say about his company’s Adirondack chairs: “The Adirondack chairs we make for our San Diego customers are extremely sturdy. We don’t cut corners with construction or the materials we use. With proper care and maintenance, our Adirondakc chairs can easily last a lifetime. They are also very comfortable and classically beautiful. We think they would be a great addition to the patio, deck, or front porch of just about any home in San Diego.”

Unlike most furniture stores, Three Pines Wood Co. offers customization of their Adirondack chairs. Because every piece that comes out of their shop is made-to-order, they are able to give their customers exactly what they want. This means their chairs can be stained or painted any color. The size of the chairs can also be adjusted to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes (including small children). Finally, Three Pines can add custom details, such as engraving or just about any other detail a customer might want. For example, if you are someone who likes to enjoy a glass of wine while relaxing outside, Three Pines can carve out a hole in the arm of your Adirondack chair to accommodate a wine glass.

Three Pines Wood Co. does not list pricing information on their website for their Adirondack chairs or furniture sets. This is because the level of customization on their pieces can greatly impact the price, according to Ward. He explains, “The choice of wood species alone can make the price of our Adirondack chairs go up or down by $100 or more. We like to get on the phone with potential customers, or even meet with them in person, to go over all of the options so we can get them an accurate price.”

All furniture pieces made by Three Pines Wood Co. include free local delivery in the San Diego area.