Top 6 Tips to Caring for your Home Air conditioner

Air conditioners have become essential accessories in any modern home. They help limit increasing temperatures in the building, ensuring optimal comfort for you and your loved ones. However, your air conditioning unit should stay in optimal functioning at all times, and proper maintenance extends its durability and lowers air conditioner repair costs. Are you seeking the best ways to care for your air conditioning unit? Read on for tips.

1. Wash the split& Filters often.

Your air conditioning unit will accumulate dirt and grime over time. Wash the split with a water hose to alleviate dirt, dust, and bird droppings. Also, remove tiny branches, leaves, grass clippings for the unit. 

 The filters should also stay clean at all times. If they are different, your unit won’t run efficiently and will consume more power. Clean the filters monthly to ensure optimal performance. Also, allow the appliance to dry completely before switching it on and always keep it clean.

2. Call a pro!

 You can take good care of your unit, but there are things that you can’t handle by yourself. These can be, for example, complicated tune-ups where you need a technician. In this case, only hire professionals like the AC repair Toronto technicians to avoid mishandling the unit or damaging it. 

3. Clean the compressor

A dirty compressor will affect the functioning of your AC unit. Clean it using a hose to prevent dust from affecting its operations. Also, cover the compressor when not in use, especially during winter, and cover the unit using a waterproof cover such as vinyl or plastic.

4. Regular maintenance

 Proper maintenance is critical, and this applies to most appliances in your home. If you don’t do it, your unit will lose its efficiency, which affects its overall performance. High-quality air conditioners can last up to 15 years, but many never last this long. 

But, if you perform regular maintenance, your unit will work efficiently and reach its rated capacity. To achieve this, perform regular checks, and examine for unusual sounds. For instance, know the difference between a functional and faulty unit. If the unit vibrates loudly or not performing as expected, have it checked promptly. Again, check for proper drainage and seek air conditioner repair Toronto services if you spot any malfunctions.

5. Install a foam pipe around exposed pipes

For the exposed pipes outside your house, install a foam pipe and ensure that it fits the diameter and length of the pipe. It will cover and protect it against low temperatures and rusting. To hold the pipe in place, wrap it using duct tape.

 6. Adjust the temperature up

 Raising the thermostat a few degrees up will save about 5 % of your cooling costs. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat, which will help to regulate the temperature automatically when you’re away. 

The bottom line

There are various ways to care for your air conditioning unit. First of all, only buy the appliance from a reputed dealer and perform regular maintenance. In case of major issues, call a professional to examine the unit and undertake the necessary repairs. This way, you’ll enjoy optimal performance and save a lot on AC repairs.