Overlooked Tools You Should Have on Hand for Home Improvement Projects

Know-how isn’t all you need to tackle various home improvement projects. You also need the right tools.

You likely already know this. However, it’s worth noting that there are many tools you should consider equipping yourself with that you may not have considered. Examples of items you may want to add to your toolbox include the following:

Thread Gages

Many home improvement projects involve working with a variety of thread items, such as screws. However, the thread size of one item you’re working with may not be the same as another. To properly work with any such items, you need to use tools that match their size and thread.

You could waste a lot of time when performing home improvement tasks trying to find out which tool is right for a given threaded item. Luckily, that’s not necessary if you have thread gages. These helpful tools allow you to quickly determine the size of a given thread, potentially saving you a lot of time as a result.

(The Right) Stud Finder

You may already know that having a stud finder on hand is useful when you’re hanging heavy objects to ensure they remain in place. That said, this example earns a spot on this list because you might not know what some stud finders can do.

For example, some stud finders are also capable of live wiring, plumbing pipes, and rebar. Depending on the types of home improvement projects you work on, this tool may come in handy.

Digital Multimeter

Like a stud finder, a strong digital multimeter will serve many purposes. One is testing voltage. This may be necessary when performing electrical work to ensure your safety.

Additionally, a digital multimeter will potentially serve such functions as measuring current and resistance. Look for one that offers a range of features and strongly consider purchasing it.

The Best Garden Hose

Even though many homeowners use garden hoses regularly for a variety of tasks, many homeowners also never stop to consider how some garden hoses can be more impressive and useful than others. 

For example, some garden hoses have higher flow rates. Additionally, new and innovative models leverage various design features to render them almost impossible to kink. When shopping for a new garden hose (as long as the store will let you!), make a point of folding it and/or trying to tie it in a knot before choosing to buy any particular one. If you can’t make a garden hose kink even when you try, that’s probably one you should buy. Of course, you should also consider other basic factors, such as length, when making this purchase.

Remember, having the right tools available will play a major role in your ability to complete various home improvement projects. If you haven’t already, consider adding these to your collection. They can make projects much less of a hassle.