Moving Home? Here’s Why You Should Hire Your Local Removals Specialists

If you’re planning to move into a brand new home, you may be excited about all the possibilities your new living space will offer. However, before you can enjoy your new home to its fullest, you must first deal with the matter of transporting all your worldly belongings from your current home to the new one.

This may seem like a daunting task, particularly if you are inexperienced when it comes to logistics and heavy lifting. You might be tempted to attempt the move yourself, or with the help of a friend or two, rather than hiring a trusted local removals company

However, although this may seem like the cheaper option, there are a few factors you should consider before taking this route:

Time and Money

If you’re considering taking the DIY road, the chances are, you’ll need to clear a full day (or more) in your calendar. Any friends you enlist to help you will need to do the same .. and will likely require payment in cash, beer or pizza upon completion. 

However, in most cases, professional removals teams can get the job done in a far shorter timeframe, leaving you free to get on with whatever’s important. 

Risk of Injury or Property Damage

If you are not properly trained to lift furniture or heavy objects, your risk of damaging your property, or causing injury to yourself or others is far greater. Conversely, removers are trained to handle all manner of household items safely and with care.

Fully Insured 

On a related note, removers are fully insured, which means in the unlikely event that your property is damaged during lifting or transit, you won’t be left out of pocket. Unfortunately, if you inadvertently damage furniture you’re moving yourself, you may not have the same safety net. 

Packing and Securing

If you choose to move home without professional assistance, you’ll also have to contend with packing and securing all your belongings for transit. However, most removals companies also offer a packing service and can take care of all this hassle on your behalf. They will also take inventory of your property in order to ensure nothing of importance is left behind.

Multiple Trips Between the Two Properties

Unless you’re lucky enough to have access to a commercial removals vehicle, you’re likely to have to make several trips back and forth between the two properties to get the job done. This can add several hours to the timescale, especially when you factor in busy traffic!

Of course, this isn’t a concern when you hire a removals company. They’ll have ample capacity to carry everything from Point A to Point B in a single trip.

A Simple, Affordable, Low-stress Option 

It’s worth bearing in mind that removals companies facilitate house moves every day, all year round. This means their operatives are prepared for every challenge. With your local removals company on your side, you can rest assured that all aspects of your move will be carefully planned out to ensure minimal disruption.

Take a little time to shop around and you’re sure to find a removals company offering professional experience at a reasonable price. We hope you enjoyed our article and wish you all the best with your forthcoming house move.