How Plants Contribute to Implementing Healthy Lifestyles

Home gardening and gardening activities can help people implement a healthy lifestyle. Plants have a lot of benefits that can be categorized into social, psychological, and physical  benefits to humans. The benefits obtained from gardening are plentiful and to appreciate them we need to discover how plants can help create a healthier lifestyle. Below are some of the benefits of gardening.

  • Increases food security.
  • Provides healthier and tastier food choices.
  • Promotes physical activity. 
  • Improves nutrition.
  • Creates better learning and work outcomes.
  • Improves social relationships.

Health Benefits

1.Physical Health

Plants are collectively available in parks and recreational facilities. Visiting such areas involves being engaged in physical activities which are known to improve people’s health and ensure overall healthiness. In areas with recreational facilities, people tend to take part in physical activities that make them less prone to physical ailments. Activity makes people stronger and less susceptible to minor illnesses. This in turn has helped reduce the cost and expenditure on medical services.

2.Mental Health

Other than eating plants to obtain health and nutrients, plants have a great psychological impact on human lives. Having plants in indoor spaces is often associated with creating cheer and relaxation for the occupants of the space. The peaceful and calm environment created by plants is important since it has a positive impact on the life of humans. People who reside and work in areas with plants tend to be happier, focused, productive, and have low-stress levels. Additionally, as plants provide oxygen to the area, they are located they ensure that the air quality is improved. Quality purified natural air is needed by the body for its various functions. When the body works efficiently, we are more likely to feel relaxing aiding the production of hormones that promote human mental health.

3.Immunity Boosters

Various airborne chemicals exist in plants that help to minimize stress levels. A decline in the levels of stress in a day naturally boosts our immunity. Furthermore, plants have nutritional benefits that we can acquire by eating them or using them as immunity boosters. They have also been used in hospitals to promote health benefits in hospitals and patients have shown a positive response in recovery.

4.Better Social Relationships

Having plants within a place with different types of people or people with different interests can help improve their relationships with each other. Plants give people a feeling of responsibility, compassion, and empathy which can be extended to other human beings sharing the same space. Even in work environments where people seem to have a busy lifestyle, plants bring them together. This helps to improve the social lifestyle of most people making them lonely and connect better with others.


The health benefits of plants should not be viewed as only aesthetics. A healthy lifestyle involves all the aspects of a person’s life and with plants in workspaces and indoors, many people have reaped a lot of benefits both directly related to body health and those related to personal care, mental care, and social relations. The creation of a healthy lifestyle through plants is very effective and has helped to decrease many lifestyle problems.