How to Market a Property With Luxury Real Estate Postcards

When marketing a luxury real estate business or luxury properties in general, it’s important to keep in mind that some of the most effective marketing tactics can also be some of the most “traditional.” For example, while there’s certainly room for using tools like virtual tours and other such innovations in your marketing campaigns, you should also distribute real estate postcards.

Specifically, you should distribute physical postcards instead of digital ones. Research indicates that most people dislike receiving a large volume of emails on a regular basis. You’re more likely to make the right impression on potential customers if you stick with physical mail.

That said, you should also understand that some postcards yield stronger results than others. To ensure your postcards yield the maximum return on investment, apply the following tips:

Choose a color scheme

You already know that a postcard needs to stand out in some capacity if it is to be as effective as possible. Bold and bright colors can help it capture the attention of a lead.

However, it’s also worth noting that the degree to which a certain color may improve the overall strength of a postcard can be limited by the other colors surrounding it. If colors clash, your postcard may end up looking less professional than intended. 

Research various popular color schemes to determine which one your postcard should feature. Although it can be somewhat difficult to ensure every color on the postcard fits into a particular scheme, given that a real estate postcard will typically feature pictures of outdoor properties, in general, the postcard’s color scheme should be relatively consistent.

Also, remember that you’re promoting a luxury business and a luxury property. Colors that are too bright or dynamic might actually look less-than-impressive in this context. Try to strike a balance between choosing eye-catching colors and choosing colors that don’t look too garish.

Include testimonials

As is always the case when implementing a marketing campaign, it’s wise to test different types of postcards. Your goal is to determine which postcards attract the most customers at the lowest cost.

That said, it’s best to occasionally mail or distribute postcards that feature testimonials from happy customers. This is a tried-and-true means of generating trust among new leads.

Include the essentials

A real estate postcard can be a very valuable piece of marketing content, but it’s also somewhat small. You don’t want to overwhelm a lead by including too much information and too many visual elements in a small space.

Try to keep the design simple. Your priority is to include the essential details, such as your name, contact information, a call to action, and the one other additional element that your postcard is based around.

What that additional element will depend on your specific goal when designing and distributing a postcard. It can be information about a recent sale, a testimonial, or any other standard element of a real estate postcard.

Once more, just understand that there is no single real estate postcard design template that’s universally considered to be the “best.” Designing effective postcards requires some degree of experimentation. 

If you’re willing to try new designs, you’ll eventually find one that delivers ideal results.