5 Ways to Use Your Phone with Your Home Automation System

Imagine being able to automate temperature control inside your home by programming your thermostat and window blinds according to the seasons and different needs at different times of the day. Imagine those same systems being able to artificially learn your routine and self-adjust. Such things are possible with modern home automation technology. You can make things even better when you throw your phone into the mix.

Nearly every smart home system comes with a central hub. Likewise, your typical smart home device comes with a companion mobile app. Your hub is a central location for controlling your system when you’re home. But with your phone, you can take that control with you. All you need is an internet connection and a few minutes to access your system.

So, what can you do with your phone? That depends on your home automation devices and apps. Each product is different. Having said that, you can find some great suggestions in a June 2021 post from Vivint Smart Home, a post that discusses smart home control. Below are five suggestions gleaned from that post.

1. Stay Informed Via Notifications

A homeowner’s first interaction with smartphone apps is generally setting up notifications. In other words, devices like video doorbells and smart locks send notifications to an owner’s phone whenever activity is triggered. This is designed to keep the homeowner apprised of the state of their home automation system at all times.

A homeowner might get a notification that they forgot to close the garage door. A swipe of the finger will automatically take care of it. Likewise, a notification might tell another homeowner that someone is at the front door. They bring up their mobile app and make contact.

2. Lock and Unlock Doors

Homeowners with electronic smart locks can control those locks with their phones. Companion mobile apps allow them to lock and unlock their doors remotely. That is helpful for working parents who don’t want their kids carrying house keys to school. It is convenient for letting out-of-town guests into the home should they arrive during working hours. Indeed, the possibilities are endless.

3. Arm and Disarm Home Security

Like locking and unlocking doors, smart homeowners can use their phones to arm and disarm their security systems. Disarming to allow a contractor temporary access is one example. Another is arming the system on the way to work, after realizing you forgot to do so on the way out the door.

4. Accessing Real-Time Video

Homes equipped with wireless video cameras can provide real-time video 24 hours a day. Homeowners need only pull out their phones and bring up the appropriate apps to get access to that video. What a fantastic way to keep an eye on the kids or your pets. And if you are away from home on vacation, real-time video lets you monitor your property from anywhere.

5. Program Customized Actions

If you are the type of person who loves a high degree of customization, your phone is a customization tool. Use it to program a sequence of lighting events when your flight gets delayed and you know you won’t be home when originally planned. Tie the GPS function in your phone to your home automation system via geofencing, then program the system to do certain things based on your proximity to your home.

Home automation has come a long way in recent years. Today, a hub is only one option for controlling smart home devices. Your smartphone is another. It is one a lot of people really appreciate for its remote access capabilities.