3 bathroom features you should consider investing in

Are you looking to sell or rent out your home in the near or distant future? Or perhaps you are simply looking to improve your property for your own benefit? Regardless of your exact circumstances and desires, it is well worth bearing in mind that home improvements – when well-chosen and executed – can add thousands of pounds to the value of a property

You might also be interested to know that according to recent statistics, a new bathroom is the most popular home upgrade in the UK. This shouldn’t really be a great surprise; after all, the bathroom is a refuge within the home for many of us. We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so it makes sense that we would wish them to be stylish, pleasurable, and practical places to be. To ensure that, the design and installation of a new bathroom may be desirable for you. 

But if this is the situation for you right now, should you get straight on the phone to trusted bathroom designers in Essex, like our own professionals at HGM Mechanical? 

Well, before you do that, we suggest you give some serious thought to the features you would like to have in any new bathroom you invest in. Below, we will outline three key bathroom features you ought to consider for this crucial part of the home. 

A statement shower or bathtub 

A statement shower or bathtub could utterly transform your bathroom into a paradise of luxury and tranquillity. 

For showers, consider a wet room – be it for the whole room, or a wet room-inspired shower cubicle – complete with a waterfall shower head. This simple and elegant design is ultra-modern, allowing you to extend the relaxation beyond the confines of the classic shower. 

However, it is worth noting that this feature works best if you either have another bathroom with a bathtub, or opt for a feature wet room shower area plus a complimentary tub in the same room. After all, most people still love to see a good bathtub when they are comparing properties to buy or rent.  

When you are considering statement bathtubs, two fantastic options are freestanding or jacuzzi baths. Freestanding bathtubs can be simple, sweeping and elegant tubs, or vintage tubs with brass or chrome feet. Jacuzzi baths, on the other hand, can bring a spa-like luxury to any home, with pressured jets to soothe out all your aches and pains. 

Heated flooring 

There are two types of heated flooring available for a bathroom: wet or dry heated flooring. Wet heated flooring uses a system of pipes to pump water throughout a home, essentially similar to a radiator. Meanwhile, dry heated flooring uses electricity, which is sent through wire, matting, or even a foil mat designed specifically for laminate flooring. 

These things can be installed under the flooring of your choice, be it stone, wood, laminate, or even some carpets. This means that the heat is spread evenly and consistently throughout the room, without the need for a bulky radiator to contend with, making for a sleek and stylish design. 

Due to this, heated flooring is more energy efficient, eliminating cold spots in the bathroom, and wasting less heat. It also means that lower temperatures are needed to heat the bathroom, reducing the energy used, and thus minimizing carbon emissions. 

Underfloor heating was once considered an almost unattainable luxury element in the home, but more and more people are recognising that heated flooring is a well worthwhile, indulgent comfort for a bathroom. Imagine stepping out of the hot water of the tub and onto a warm floor – it could definitely be worth investing in. 

A double sink and vanity 

Another bathroom feature you should certainly consider investing in, is a double sink. Whether the property owner adds in a second sink or goes for a double sink vanity, double sinks are perfect for both busy families and couples that only have one bathroom. Once perceived to be a mere luxury feature, a double sink is now widely regarded as an efficient, practical and stylish solution. 

A double sink is also a frequently desired feature for people looking at new houses. Due to this, it can add to your property value, and increase interest when you are looking to sell. Double sinks can be particularly lovely in a master bedroom ensuite, allowing couples their own space to store their products and the ability to both use the bathroom at the same time. 

Consider making the double sink vanity a focal point of the bathroom that complements your tiles. If you’re introducing a bold feature wall tiling design, opt for a calming neutral shade such as white or cream. For more neutral tile designs, go for a bold shade that adds a pop of colour to the room. You can then bring the same colour out around the room with your towels, soaps, and decorative items. There you have it – three bathroom features that we would urge you to think about investing in when renovating your home. For more advice on the best products and features to include, get in touch with our bathroom designers in Essex today. We will be able to survey your space, and make recommendations based on your design desires and practical requirements.