The Beautiful World of Murano Glass sculptures

Art in every form has always been a center of attraction for humans. It runs in the blood of human beings that they are naturally alienated towards something that makes them stop and turn their backs to. The eyes see and focus only on the things they find worth watching and so the sight of unique and beautiful entities always makes one stare. Psychological studies have shown that our body elicits a certain kind of positive response when exposed to such artifacts and it results in pleasing patterns that make us happy. Apart from its psychological effects, it also fosters the human personality as people start to view things from a wider perspective that is beyond their imagination. Some people only enjoy the beauty of art whilst others understand the depth of meaning behind those masterpieces. So, everyone has their point of view regarding various forms of art. 

 Murano Glass

Why Murano glass sculptures?

But one thing is for sure that everyone wants their surroundings to look beautiful. And for that people decorate their surroundings with something that is not only soothing to their eyes but also to the ones who visit them and to those who pass by. We decorate our homes with different beautiful artworks, but the most popular and the most elegant of them all are the uber-cool Murano Animal Glass Sculptures.

History and beauty of Murano Glass Sculptures

 Made originally in the Venetian island of Italy, called the Murano Island, these glass sculptures date back to 1500 years ago when glassmakers from all over Italy gathered in Murano to escape the cruelties of barbarians in the Roman Empire. Keeping it short, from then these glassworks started gathering fame and today they are famous worldwide. They are made from a special process called Glass blowing used now for over 1000 years which constitutes of using sand and soda-lime and other materials to make a molten glass and by it, the experts of Murano glass make them unique rare pieces. The beauty of these Murano glass sculptures is that every such sculpture is one in itself in the world because these are hand-made by using the same 1000 years old technique. Also, the uneven shapes and blisters from time to time make them a real treasure for someone who has a genuine interest in antique and rare artifacts. Nowadays, Murano glass sculptures are found in various colors, designs, shapes, etc. to fit the customers’ needs. They are a beautiful amalgamation of ancient and modern art. The art signifies the value of old traditions and the beauty of modern fashion. 

They range from different ornamental vases to abstract figurines and home accessories. They almost fill every need of your home décor. A range of animals, birds, and fishes also captures the attention of audiences. They truly represent the hard work and effort put in by their makers. The look, the feel, the texture, and the design say it all. Every Murano glass sculpture itself is symbolic of Venetian history. The most remarkable aspect of these is that only those glass that is made in Murano can be labeled as the Murano glass sculptures so that they remain authentic and genuine. Highly skilled artisans knowing their forefather’s skills coupled with the modern needs make gold out of raw sand.

Another thing is that they make the whole environment vibrant and fresh. It feels like real jewelry or such value has been placed in front of you. Everyone enjoys their sight and its presence is a valuable addition to anyone’s home. Specially customized sculptures can also be made on order so that in case you are looking for something really special for your loved one. Every year people from all over the world order hundreds of thousands of these customized Murano glass sculptures. Some people worry that how to identify a real Murano glass sculpture. But don’t you worry. We’ve got you covered. One way to check its authenticity is that every original Murano glass has a very rich and dense color. Further, the imperfections in Murano glass due to blisters are also proof to check its authenticity. Thousands of people have bought them due to their extreme beauty and the legacy and history attached to them. People consider it an honor to have such a piece that is so much valuable.  Most animal lovers love to shop for these sculptures. They are so beautiful that one can’t resist their charm. Dogs, cats, fishes, flamingos, horses are among the thousands of other animals whose Murano glass sculptures are actively made and are available in the market. If you are a real animal lover and also want to give a twist to your home with some beautiful ornament or showpiece, then you are at the perfect place.