When and Why To Call An Emergency Electrician

Electrical problems are inevitable, especially for older homes. While some issues can be held off until the next day, bigger and more serious problems require an urgent response. Such problems need to be dealt with immediately by an electrician offering emergency services. This is so you can reduce the risks and avoid paying more than you have to. But when exactly do you need to call an emergency electrician? Here’s a guide to help you.

Why Call an Emergency Electrician?

The biggest reason to call an emergency electrician is safety. See, for some electrical issues, time is of the essence. They can be too serious that waiting may lead to bigger damages to your home. Furthermore, waiting may also put you and your family in danger. 

Calling in a licensed electrician can also help you save time and money. With the proper training, skills, knowledge, and experience, he/she can determine the root of the problem and deal with it before it gets out of hand. This is better and faster than trying to fix the issue on your own. 

Another reason to call emergency electricians is reliability. They are used to being called on weekends, holidays, and evenings. So anytime you are having problems with your electrical system, you will always have someone to call. No need to cancel your plans or delay repairs. 

When to Call an Emergency Electrician?

Here are the major issues that will require you to call an emergency electrician:

1. Power is Out

When your lights go out, you will need an electrician to restore the power. But more importantly, he/she will determine what caused the outage and fix it before it becomes bigger. See, if no one in your neighborhood lost power and there are no problems with your utility company, the issue is most likely in your home.

2. Humming and Buzzing Sound

Your breaker box is extremely important to your home. It is designed to shut off in case of an overload, which prevents a surge and protects your electrical components from damages. However, when damaged, it may only cause bigger problems for your home. But how can you tell? 

Noise, such as a humming or buzzing sound, that comes from your breaker box means there’s a serious problem with your wiring. So if you notice such sounds, make sure to contact an electrician immediately. 

3. Frequent Tripping

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, call a 24-hour electrician as soon as you can. Frequent tripping can mean there’s a bigger issue with the electrical system. 

4. Sparks and Smoke from Outlet

When you see a spark, smoke, or notice a burning smell from an outlet, turn off the outlet immediately and unplug all the appliances. Then call your electrician as soon as you can. All these can be an indication that your electrical outlet is overheating. When not addressed immediately, this can lead to a fire and cause big damages to your home.

5. Warm Switches

Are your light switches warm to the touch? Or is there an electrical appliance that feels warm even when you didn’t use it? If so, then call an emergency electrician. These are signs that you may be experiencing an electrical fault or other electrical problem, which can then lead to a fire and serious accidents. 

Need an Electrician in Sydney?

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