What to look for in a blocked drain team

When it comes to drainage, not every person or company is fit to work with. With thousands of these in the market today, you may need to do some proper research before you get that appropriate one. 

The lifespan of a drainage system or even a septic tank will depend on how well and frequently it is maintained. However, sometimes you may have done all that, and you remain with no option except to call for the plumbing expert. The person is supposed to inspect the underground pipes and the entire system to identify where the problems are and fix them.

See below things you need to consider when looking for a blocked drain team.


When looking for a drainage company, you need someone who has the skills and experience in the industry. Thus you must find out if the company is certified to do the drainage business. Certificate of registration will show that the relevant government or state department recognizes them. 

Check out also if they’ve a current license. A license shows that they have been inspected by the relevant authorities and are fit to give services to the public. In case you have an issue with the company, it is easy to seek for help from the government. Beware; a few unscrupulous companies have emerged with the core purpose of fleecing the unsuspecting public. Most of these will appear to charge less than the market rates, and immediately you pay them a down payment, they disappear. All you should look for is value for money.


Certification and licensing will cushion you from falling prey to fraudsters. Again, a drainage company that is worth hiring must have insurance coverage. When undertaking the drainage exercise, it is not always a smooth sail. Sometimes, the contractor may cause damages in their process of repairing, and if there is no cover, then you may have to bear the cost. Again, if an employee is injured or unfortunately suffers while on duty, the insurer will compensate.

Do not bother with a company that doesn’t want to invest in the welfare of its clients and employees- and in this case, through insurance coverage.

The technology

You don’t want to call in a drainage expert who will do an unnecessary excavation of your yard only to fix a small problem. Someone who has the right experience will identify the problem quickly and use the best way, with minimal disruptions to resolve the issue once and for all. Does the company know something about the use of a CCTV camera in clearing drainage? This helps the expert to scan through the plumbing system, identify the problems and device the most appropriate ways to fix them. 


You have a budget to work with when it comes to unblocking and fixing issues with your drainage system. When looking for the right drainage company, get someone willing to work within that budget. Sometimes they may turn out to be slightly expensive, but that should not put you off, especially if the company offers quality services using the best technology like the Blockaroo team.

When it comes to hiring a drainage company, your first consideration should not be their services charge. Get someone with relevant certifications and licenses and a reputation. All you’re looking for is value for money.