What are the Regulations of Trauma, Suicide, and Homicide Crime Scene Cleanup Service?

Finding a commendable crime scene cleanup service may be a lot more difficult than you would expect. Clients expect companies to clean, contain, and look out for any potential biohazardous substances that might need to be disinfected. A crime scene cleans up the company and its employees must adhere to consistent regulations and policies to meet the specific requirements. These regulations are essential for the safety of the employees, home/business owners, and allowing the area to return to the state before the incident.

Requirements for a Crime Scene Clean Up Company

To operate a trauma/homicide/suicide clean up the company, you must obtain certain local permits and state-issued licenses to conduct the respective business while being certified. However, bear in mind the industry does not call for an official license that approves or disapproves of a company to operate a crime scene clean up business. The local requisites may differ in the location of the office, and you may need to acquire:

  • Registration for transporting biohazardous medical waste
  • Medical Waste Transportation Permit
  • Hazardous Waste Transporter License Certificate
  • Trauma Scene Waste Practitioner Permit
  • Infectious Waste Transporter Permit

Most of these local permits require safe transportation of biohazardous substances as a means of adhering to strict government laws. Crime scene cleanup companies must follow OSHA standards to ensure employees’ safety in an environmental setting.The standards dictate companies on how they must handle respiratory risks, the caution of working in confined settings, and more.

Requirements for Employees in a Crime Scene Clean Up Company


The maximum level of education you need to attain is a GED/high school diploma to work in the most crime scene clean up service companies as most businesses train their employees for these technicians. However, credible businesses may employ technicians who specialize or have attained certification in certain subjects like hazardous material transportation, blood-borne pathogens, hazardous waste generation, and more that suit the company’s services.


It is not obligatory to have experience working in a crime scene clean up company or any relevant branch. The employees will receive on-the-job training before they can officially get to work. However, it may be a plus if the employee has relevant experience with public health, forensics, medicine while being familiar with the machinery needed to accomplish crime scene cleanup tasks.

Background of the Employee

Apart from academic background and experience comes the technician’s ability and experience. The technicians must be fit physically as it could be a complicated job that requires a lot of hard work. Worked may be required to engage in manual labor in terms of moving furniture and cleaning tasks that could last for days. Crime scene cleanup businesses usually hires employees with a crime-free record.Hence, employees have to pass various tests to retain their position in the company.

Though the regulations highlighted above may not be too stern for a company to acquire but are essential in maintaining safety for the company and the owners of the area where the crime scene incident originally took place.