What are Some of the Projects That Carpentry Repair Services Denver CO Handle?

There are things you would like to do around the house, but finding the time and developing the skillset to make them happen won’t be easy. In fact, there’s no reason why you have to do the work yourself. Choosing to hire one of the carpentry repair services Denver CO is a great way to enhance the function and look of the home for a much lower cost than you may realize. Here are some of the types of projects that professionals take on for their clients. 

Repairing Older Cabinetry

Cabinets are wonderful when it comes to storage as well as displaying some of your favorite things. As time goes on, they can begin to look a little worn and ragged. Assuming the cabinets are still sturdy, some simple repairs may be all it takes to ensure they look their best again. 

Professionals can assess the condition of the cabinets and determine what sort of improvements are possible. It could be that replacing some of the doors, stripping the wood and applying a fresh stain, and even changing out the hardware would restore the cabinets with ease. Once the work is done, you may find it hard to believe that you’re looking at the same cabinetry. 

Kitchen Restorations

Carpenters can accomplish quite a bit in kitchens that are beginning to look outdated and need some help. Along with stripping and refinishing the cabinets, a carpenter can also replace an older counter top with something that’s more functional and is free of all the nicks and scratches that developed over time. The result is that one of the major focal points in the kitchen looks brand new and up to date. 

It’s not just the kitchen cabinets that can be restored. A carpenter can do the same with the flooring. You may want to strip and refinish a hardwood floor, replace aging tile, or even consider the idea of installing some type of laminate flooring. Whatever the plan happens to be, rest assured it can be included in the restoration project. 

Restoring Older Paneling

While certain types of paneling haven’t been in fashion for decades, paneling that’s made using pine, oak, and other forms of natural wood never lose their allure. They can be the ideal touch for areas like dens, home libraries, and home offices. If you have paneling that’s been in place for as long as you’ve owned the house, it may be time for some refurbishing. 

A carpenter can inspect the wood paneling and determine what it would take to restore the appearance. It may involve stripping the paneling in much the same way that a wood floor is stripped. From there, it’s a matter of choosing a stain that provides the look that you seek. Once the work is done, the old paneling will have a new look that fits in with your current taste.

And Repairing Drywall

Drywall is common in many homes; it’s affordable, versatile, and provides a nice look in many rooms. Even with all those benefits, drywall can begin to look a little worn. Fortunately, carpenters know how to repair and restore dry wall so that it’s more pleasing to the eye. 

Damaged sections can be removed and replaced with fresh panels that are cut to a perfect fit. Once in place, the carpenter can apply products designed to hide seams and ensure the wall has a smooth texture. Once that’s done, it’s a matter of painting the surfaces so they look fresh and new. Even if a wall was in poor condition before, it will look like new once the professional is done. 

Replacing Damaged Facade Boards

There are products other they drywall that may be used for interior and exterior wall facades. These can also sustain damage as the years pass or begin to look faded and worn. Fortunately, a carpenter will know whether it’s practical to restore the look of older facades or replace them completely. 

An expert from one of the carpentry repair services Denver CO can assess the condition and provide you with an idea of how much the repairs would cost versus replacing those older products. In some cases, getting rid of older facade boards and replacing them with new ones will be less expensive. This is true even if there’s the need to custom cut the boards so that they match the length, width, and height of the older boards that are still in good shape. 

Adding or Renovating Closet Space

While you love your home, the place has never had enough closet space. What it does offer is rooms with enough square footage to enhance the closet space that’s present. You can bet that a carpenter can determine how to add more closet space with relative ease. 

It may be as simple as expanding an existing closet and restructuring the interior to make better use of the square footage. In some cases, it may be possible to build new closets that add to the amount of storage space found in the home. With either option, you’ll find yourself with enough closet space for the first time since you moved into the house. 

Finishing the Attic or Basement

If the attic or basement is basically used as catch-alls for odds and ends that haven’t been touched in years, it’s time to make a change. With the aid or a professional, those spaces can be turned into areas that server-specific purposes. Think of it as one way of adding living space to your home without having to build an addition. 

After sealing the walls and floors, it will be easy to add some type of insulation to the walls and possibly cover them with drywall panels. There are also coatings that can be applied to the floors to improve the look and ensure they are free of any water seepage. That makes it all the easier to add tiles or even carpeting for a cozier look. Convert the spaces into spare bedrooms, home offices, or anything else that comes to mind. 

Why spend time trying to figure out how to do things that professionals can handle on your behalf? If there’s any type of carpentry project that needs doing, call today and arrange for a carpenter to take a look. Once you discuss the idea you have in mind and the carpenter comes up with a plan to make it happen, it will be easy to get an estimate and set a start date for the project. When you see the results, there will be no doubt that hiring a professional was the way to go.