The Latest Bathroom Renovation Trends!

From what it was once, bathrooms have evolved from basic ones to the most luxurious room to make people feel pampered!  Modern bathroom upgrades can be relaxing and provide an escape from the daily grind. Bathroom renovations should be carried out from time to time. If you’re living in Australia and specifically Melbourne, you may just be in luck, as there are numerous professionals who can help you with Bathroom Renovations Melbourne. So if you’re planning to carry out bathroom renovations, it’s good to be familiar with the modern-day trends. Here’s a list of a few latest trends you can opt for.

Textured Tiles: Floor and wall designs are turning out to be dramatic and trendy. The textured glass and mosaics would add an impressive depth to the walls and can be more durable when compared to wallpaper. Modern bathroom tiles can create focal points. Getting linear tiles or tiles with geometric shapes installed can make the designs look more attractive when compared to the usual simple square tiles.

Go Green by Using Environment Friendly Products: A bathroom is a good place to showcase how environmentally conscious you are. Low flow toilets make use of lesser water per flush and sensor-activated faucets reduce water wastage. There are a few environment-friendly choices you can opt for your renovated bathroom. These days, you can even get flooring materials and glass tiles that are manufactured with recycled materials. So go ahead and choose to go green with your bathroom!

 Shower & Bathtub Styles: Modern bathrooms have a separate space for shower and bath areas. Walk-in showers are gaining huge popularity, especially the ones which have frameless glass doors. Certain bathrooms also have an accent wall behind a freestanding bathtub to create a dramatic effect!

A Spa-Like Look is in Great Demand: Many modern bathroom remodels are inspired by spas. After devoting a lot of time and energy for bathroom renovation, people look for a result that can be relaxing and serene. Opting for glass tiles in the bathroom can reflect dim light and add luxury to your space. Heated tile floors are also the latest thing. These tiles can keep you warm and comfortable during harsh weather.

Innovative Lighting is a Score: Adequate lighting is very essential when it comes to a bathroom space. Installing glass mosaic tiles on the wall reflects light, brightens the room and helps in getting maximum natural light. LED lighting can help in adding colourful illumination to your bathroom. They can highlight the areas like mirrors or sinks to have that extra brightness that can power through a morning or night time routine.  

A complete bathroom remodel is not an everyday project so it can go beyond trendy styles. The bathroom upgrades can make your bathroom more user-friendly as well as environment-friendly and appealing! It would provide a functional living space by taking advantage of the latest trends in home design and technology. Bathroom Renovations is an investment that can add value to your home and property. If the renovation is for your current home, sticking to your personal style is important as bathroom trends keep changing.