The ‘Easily Overlooked’ Checklist for Selling a House

It’s natural to feel nervous when putting your home up for sale. Your realtor likely has a checklist of items you need to do in order to prepare your home for sale.

Staging, cutting the grass, and removing personal items from the home are common ways to neutralize the space in preparation for a new owner. But your checklist for selling a house doesn’t have to stop at the most obvious chores.

Think beyond the standard home checklist for selling a house. Check out this overview of easily overlooked chores that you need to complete before selling your home.

Why Create a Checklist for Selling a House?

One of the most obvious reasons to create a checklist for selling a house is to prepare yourself for your pending move. Having a checklist keeps you organized throughout the process.

If you get hit with a quick closing, you’ll have a map to guide you through each step you need to take to get out of your property successfully. But a checklist can also help you market your property.

Take initiative with a checklist for the items your realtor might overlook that help make your home more attractive to buyers. Here are a few items you need to add to your to-do list before you sell.

Replace Air Filters

One of the easiest ways to prepare your home for sale is to take care of small maintenance items like replacing air filters. It’s a small expense that shows potential buyers you care about the details of your home.

Being able to note that you recently added a 16x20x1 air filter to your furnace speaks to your attention to detail while educating your buyers about what the house requires. Since air filters only need to be replaced every few months, this offers a cushion of time that potential buyers can go without worrying over household maintenance.

Schedule Furniture Donation

Many people immediately think of scheduling movers when it’s time to relocate from a home. But you also need to get a donation pickup scheduled well ahead of starting the packing process.

Most realtors advise that a clutter-free home is more attractive to potential buyers. As you go through each room to remove unneeded items, you can also note furniture that you don’t want to take with you to your new home.

This is the furniture you also want to go before you get an estimate from your movers. When you do your walkthrough with the moving team, they can give you a better estimate of cost because they have a clear view of what needs to go.

Make sure you ask whether the charity can move items from a second floor or attic. It might be necessary to hire movers for a few hours to prepare items for charity as well.

Replace Light Bulbs

When your realtor schedules walkthroughs, you want to be sure potential buyers get a clear picture of every space in your home. There is nothing less flattering poorly lit spaces.

A closet with missing light bulbs blocks the buyer’s view of what could be a well-positioned storage opportunity. Go through your home, including the attic and basement, and replace all the light bulbs.

It’ll provide a brightly lit environment for buyers to browse to see your space from the best possible perspective.

Add Pleasant Fragrance

Chances are, you don’t really know how your home smells. If you have pets, you’ve probably grown accustomed to whatever smells your pets leave behind on your furniture.

It’s important to deodorize your upholstery before putting your house up for sale. Follow the deodorizing process with a pleasant, neutral fragrance.

Think of scents you’d smell in a department store or clothing boutique. If you’re selling around the holidays, add the scent of the season to make the house feel like home.

Even if the buyer doesn’t love the smell, it’s much better than having the smell of cat urine lingering in the background during a walkthrough.

Add Greenery

Another way to make your space feel more like home is by adding plants. Plants add fragrance, color, and texture to a room.

Place plants near light where they’ll absorb natural light making the room appear more cheerful. Remove opaque window treatments that prevent your rooms from getting the maximum natural light while you nurture your new greenery.

Buff the Floors

People like shiny new things. You might not want to invest in new floors before putting your home up for sale, but you can have them buffed to add an extra shine.

Shiny floors give them the impression of a new home that buyers can put their own personal stamp on. They represent a blank canvas waiting for someone else’s personal touch.

If you have wood floors, waxing is a must. It restores your floor’s natural shine highlighting the natural wood as a key feature of the property.

Do Your Own Inspection

Most sellers wait for the homeowner to get the house under contract and then do an inspection. But you can get ahead of potential repairs or requests from home inspectors.

Add a home inspection to your checklist for selling the house. You’ll have a detailed list of any issues the buyer might bring up.

This gives you time to consult with your realtor and decide what you’re willing to fix and which items you’re not. You can even disclose some of this in your listing to help speed up the process.

Putting a House on the Market

It takes time to prepare a home for sale, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. When you create a checklist for selling a house, you give yourself time to present your home in the best way possible.

Focus on small details like changing out your air filter and keeping your light bulbs burning bright to attract quality buyers. For more information and household tips, visit our blog for updates.