Subway Tiles That are Going to Stay Forever!

Once upon a time, in New York City, one of the most popular design elements was discovered. And that elegant piece was none other than the classic subway tiles. Originated by an American designer, the ever-present rectangle structure was first seen at an NYC subway station. Without any doubt, the element made its way into the design and architecture world in a very short period, especially when it came to the kitchens and bathrooms.

With a clean, sleek, and easy-to-maintain design, the trend is still going viral today. Looking for a piece of evidence? Keep on reading to know more about this streamlined tile option, how even after 100 years, it is still popular! 

  • The Mariel look has always been timeless as it has been going active for more than 50 years now. Not only this, it is found to be the most favored design by architects and designers for several spaces. And, how we can deny the fact that the availability of gazillions of textures, colors, patterns, finishes, and grouts is something mind-blowing. People are loving the colored patterns and grouts, trending in the rage. However, the white, gray, and blue remain the classic as always. 
  • Shannon is the subway tile style that will also never be outdated. If you wonder why and how? Then, let us tell you that it is an affordable option for most mosaic kitchen backsplashes, especially when compared to glass or stone tiles. And, guess what? You can never go wrong with the archetypal running bond pattern of Shannon. 
  • Liz, the voguish style is ruling everywhere. People and architects still love it because their color and shape options are many, and they are modern and streamlined at the same time. In simple words, the Liz pattern works for every space, from a contemporary to a farmhouse-style home. Additionally, the fresh iterations of colorful grouts and blue, dark gray-like tones are highly trending. Well, that is something sexy and vibrant. You better believe it! 
  • Mallory, the artistic and the bold. The style holds the perfect balance. It just simply gran the eye without making it look way too much. Yes, we can say that you will never get sick of it. The elegance of this style is something that you will like more every day. 
  • Jordan is a subway tile that is still leading among the top designs. Well, there’s a particular reason! The style is well, classic, sleek, and sophisticated enough. The most opted pattern was the timeless white tiles with black grout for creating a bold kitchen. 
  • Chelsea comes next! The majority of the remodeling experts are a huge fan of this, as it is more streamlined and classic. Being said, it works with so many styles effortlessly. If you prefer to keep the classic look while taking up the new patterns, this can be the right option. 

So these were the topmost trending styles of subway tiles, which are a sureshot choice for 2021. What’s your favorite pick among all? Well, believe it or not, subway tiles are going to trend forever.