Steps to Take When Emptying a Loved One’s House Following a Death

Cleaning up a house following the death of a loved one can be overwhelming emotionally and physically, from moving personal belonging of the deceased to prepping the property to be put up on sale. Cleaning up a property with the intent of putting the premises for sale requires the services of a professional cleaner. Companies that provide trauma scene cleanup Houston Texas will leave the premises sparkling clean, with no trace of what transpired in the home. A potential buyer will not hesitate to seal the deal if he or she picks interest in the property due to its sparkling clean state. 

How to Clean Out the Property of the Deceased

Remember to follow these tips when clearing out the contents and getting the property ready for sale. 

Replace the Old Locks and Forward the Mail

The first thing to do when clearing out the contents in a building is to secure the premises. You can never be too sure how many people have access to the locks to the house – family members, friends, baby sitters, cleaners, gardeners, etc. Unless you’re ready for an uphill task, you can consider reaching out to these people to collect all the spare keys. The most preferable option is to simply change the locks. Doing so gives you peace of mind that the house is secure. You’ll have a good night’s rest – that’s for sure. 

Mail pile up is a sign that a house is empty. When the delivery man keeps dropping mails with no one to collect them, thieves and vandals will find the property attractive. The best thing to do is to forward the mail to your home or office.

Search for Financial Documents and Other Relevant Papers

Check every corner of the home for vital documents. Some people stash cash in unimaginable places such as underneath the mattress, and drawer bottoms. Cabinets and drawers are great places to look for financial and legal papers. Get rid of documents with sensitive information like Social Security Number. 

Personal Belongings 

Cleaning the property isn’t an easy feat, especially the part that deals with sorting personal belongings. To make the process a lot faster, consider sorting belongings based on the following

  • Valuable items worth keeping
  • Items to donate or sell
  • Items to shred and dispose of

If family members find it hard to reach a consensus about the distribution, keep the disputed items separately until you’re done sorting personal belongings and calmness returned. 

Get the House Ready for the Market

This is the most important step of this section. A clean property automatically appreciates. Buyers also find it enticing as they have less work to do with regards to cleanup. So what do you do to make the property market-ready for buyers? Here’s what to do

  • Get rid of old and damaged furniture. No point leaving it there. 
  • Remove all wall hanging pictures.
  • Keep the flooring in great condition. Replace carpets with wood floor, if possible
  • Get rid of all pet-related items

Trauma scene cleanup Houston Texas complies with the standard cleaning regulations. With them, get ready for a property transformation.