Remodel or Move?

Home remodel prices will range depending on several factors. The first will always be the features you plan on adding to your home, the second will be the costs associated with them. You may think adding a pool is going to be incredibly costly, only to find out it will not be. Knowing how much it will cost, will help you budget properly and save money when it comes time to actually add that pool or other high end feature.

 Features, features, features 

New features that you may want to include in your remodel job will obviously vary depending on what type of room you are remodeling. Tile, wood, and other materials will all add different features and costs to your remodel. $5,000 is quite a large amount, but in the remodel world, it may just as well go as far as one would expect. You may think that adding an outdoor pool to your house is a pipe dream, but if you go to buy a house with an existing pool, you can expect to pay at least $50,000 on average; terrifyingly, the difference between guesswork and true expense is the same at every remodel job.

While this may seem shocking, some of the biggest surprises related to remodeling can be found when checking out features. One big example of this is how important new doors and windows are in remodel a house. Windows and doors are what give the outside of the house its new look and freshness, and when they are not working properly, their resale value plummets. However, replacing these fixtures can be one of the most inexpensive remodeling projects, especially if the house has already been remodeled or resale value has already been established.

 Re-do the Kitchen 

Other home remodel updates that may surprise homeowners are new paint jobs or perhaps a full kitchen remodel may need to be planned. A complete kitchen remodel may include new flooring, new cabinets, new countertops, flooring, painting, faucets, and appliances. These are all very expensive items, and if the kitchen is not being redone to reflect a modern style, then the price will stay high.

One other detail that some people completely overlook is the plumbing and fixtures inside the home. Plumbing and HVAC plumbing fixtures are very expensive and unless you plan to do the plumbing yourself, it is best to hire a professional to do this task. Even though it does involve adding some additional expense to your remodel budget, it is definitely worth it and will pay off greatly in the long run.

 Energy Efficient Upgrades 

No modern home renovation is complete without addressing the energy consumption of your home.  Your carbon footprint can be drastically reduced through the addition of insulation, better windows, and more efficient appliances.  If you live in an area where you you have the power to compare utility providers, you may be able to further reduce your energy costs.

Site finds are what many people find to be one of the most important parts of home remodeling. Without visiting the remodel site yourself, you won’t know what your choices are. The staff at the site can give you ideas on what types of products would fit your needs, and they can show you examples of the work that has already been done. This alone can help you make better choices, as by visiting the site and seeing things in person, you will be much more comfortable with the choices you make on your own.

 Heating and cooling 

One final element involved with plumbing and HVAC is new paint. If you are doing a brand new kitchen remodel, new cabinets might be needed, and you might want to find out what type of cabinets are available before you make any purchases. New paint for bathrooms can also be found easily at the remodel site if you are remodeling or updating a bathroom. You don’t necessarily have to be ordering cabinets if you don’t have to, as finding what you need, painting it, and installing it yourself is an easy way to save money.

Finishing your remodel or updating often adds up to being more expensive than average, so knowing the average cost of finishing a project is key. Even if you are just refinishing kitchen cabinets, new toilets, or new windows, the cost can add up quickly. There are ways you can reduce the overall costs of remodeling, including researching the options available, finding prices of supplies online, and looking for deals at the outset. When you take the time to do research and put some effort into finding the best deals, you will be able to complete your remodel much faster, and save more money in the long run.

 Remodel or Move? 

The final question that you need to address is the age old question of moving to a new home as an alternative to your remodel.  Only you know if you can put up with the clutter and hassle of a home renovation.  But you are unlikely to find anything on the market that will fit your needs and wants like a property custom re-made to your specifications.