Practical Tips For Adding Decking To Your Garden 

Decking can change how a garden feels and looks. Installing and adding decking can be pain-free if you go about things the correct way. Focusing on the preparation of the area, deciding what pattern and style you want, and then choosing the decking are all key decisions you have to make as soon as you can. When decking is installed and added correctly, it can liven up any size garden.

The Size and Positioning of Your Decking

How large do you want your decking to be? Do you want it to take up a large proportion of your outdoor space? Or, are you looking at adding a small section to ensure you have somewhere to add a bistro set? Deciding the size and positioning of your decking is something you will need to focus on first. You will not be able to start leveling or securing the base until you have your measurements marked out. If you are struggling to think of a size you are happy with, then mark it out with chalk on the ground, and see if what you are proposing is big enough.

Get The Base Ready 

After settling on a size for your decked area, you must then start getting the base ready. When it comes to carrying out the groundwork, you have to ensure you have a solid base, as this is what your decking will be built upon. To get the base ready, you may want to focus on excavation. You may also want to decide what you will use for your base. For example, are you going to go for concrete or cement foundations, or are you going to put your decking raised on stilts and supports, like a floating deck?

Look At The Type of Decking You Want

You have the shape and size, and you have the base, and next, you must decide what type of decking you want. For instance, do you want traditional wooden decking (that requires treating and staining each year? Or, would you prefer composite decking, which looks just as good – but requires less maintenance and time year on year? To establish what you want, you do need to think about maintenance and cost. Composite decking will cost more in the interim, but it will most likely last that little bit longer and make your decking feel more upscale.

Using the Correct Equipment and Aftercare

To correctly install decking, you are going to need to use the correct equipment. You are going to need tools for groundwork and excavation, such as trowels and shovels. For creating the base or foundation, you are going to need levels, tape measures, and the tools to market out chalk lines (for any supports you will add). You are also going to need tools for cutting and securing decking into place, including wood saws, a cordless drill, a hammer, and possibly even a nail gun. If you try and shortcut any of the installation processes, you will find that you will be less than happy with the finished result.