Ornate Vs Modern Decor

We have found more recently that more and more homes are designing their space and following an interior path that can’t be identified as a specific era or trend. These homes combine both old and new elements that create a characteristic home, and sometimes this is the perfect combination, here is how you can make your home feel cosy and full of personality.

It’s time to find the right balance between old and new. When mixing both however, anything generally goes. There is something about old and new furnishings and decor pieces that create a home, rather than filling your home with symmetry and coordination. You can create a comfortable, cosy home that doesn’t look rushed and shabby if you get the right balance between new and old.

Consider furniture placement, particularly the larger, older pieces. Dark furniture is better on the outside of the room, in corners, or up against a wall. Place tables central to the room in front of larger furnishings. By creating a harmonious environment with a beautiful balance between old and new, and small and large.

There comes a point when not all vintage furniture, upholstery, and antiques needs to be kept as it was made. The beauty of upcycling brings old pieces into the new, taking the dated look and transforming it into something beautiful once again. You can re sand, re repaint, and change up any old cabinet hardware to really update the look of your furniture piece.

Mixing old and new can be challenging when it comes to pieces styles together that work in terms of colour. Even if you are trying to create an incredibly eclectic home, you still need to find the right balance, and that doesn’t just mean between old and new, and large and small. Balance of colours is important in creating a beautiful mix matched home. Spend time sourcing pieces of furniture that work coherently in colour, you’ll thank yourself and your house will look beautiful.

If you are one for antiques, we recommend starting your collection small and building on this as you go. From decorative bowls, and vase’s, to wooden tables and lighting, stools, rugs, and mirrors.