National Floors Direct Reviews: The Most Popular Flooring Options for New Homeowners in 2020

In some ways, 2020 has helped flooring installers, as both companies and homeowners have time to consider long-needed updates and renovations to their floors, including changes that prepare them for a post-pandemic world. National Floors Direct Reviews show just what sort of changes have become popular.

More Seamless Flooring

First, National Floors Direct Reviews point toward a growing embrace of seamless flooring, particularly in commercial environments. There’s an excellent reason: Joints, grout, cracks, and carpeting can all harbor bacteria and are difficult to sanitize effectively at regular intervals. Seamless flooring uses smooth, continuous surfaces that are much more hostile to bacteria and easier to clean quickly.

National Floors Direct Reviews show that urethane and acrylic flooring types have become especially popular for this reason. Business, schools, and commercial buildings of all kinds favor this flooring when renovating since it’s so much easier to handle in a world worried about pandemics – not to mention less of a liability risk if it can prevent someone from getting sick.

National Floors Direct Reviews on Continued Hardwood Installations

Wood flooring never goes out of style, as National Floors Direct Reviews clearly show. They remain especially popular in 2020 and even increase in appeal for homeowners. One reason is continued availability and increased options for choice, as well as homeowners interested in investing in a material that’s guaranteed to last over time. However, National Floors Direct Reviews also indicate that more people are choosing hardwoods because it evokes feelings of the outdoors and clean living. When so many people are stuck inside and working from home, this can be a surprisingly important factor in creating a friendly living space.

Durable Home Gym Flooring

Going to the gym is rarely an option for many in 2020. Of course, the alternative is a home gym, but few homeowners have flooring that’s really suited for gym workouts or equipment. That’s why renovations that include durable or even padded flooring for gym rooms have started to increase. National Floors Direct Reviews also show that homeowners are adopting “flex” flooring for the same reason, to create rooms that can serve many functions. There’s a variety of orthopedic flooring that can work very well for this.

National Floors Direct Reviews on Luxury Vinyl Upgrades

Another growing trend shown by National Floors Direct Reviews is that homeowners choose more luxury vinyl upgrades to replace their traditional vinyl floors. Luxury vinyl is more durable, still easy to clean, and can take on the appearance of a wide variety of materials, including wood planks, at a lower cost. It’s a great, affordable choice for replacing old flooring with a new look that still has the same properties. It can also replace other materials that harbor diseases or mildew more easily, creating safer spaces. An eco-friendly alternative is the latest cork flooring.