Most Cost effective home upgrades

As a homeowner, one of the most exciting things will always be decided on the next major update you are going to work on for your home. These projects are so exciting because they not only improve the quality of life you have while you are living in your home, but they do not cost all that much money. You will more than likely be able to recoup any investment once you decide to sell thanks to the boost in the value of your home these projects offer.

The Most Cost-Effective Home Upgrades in 2020  

Consumer tastes are changing, and so are the cost of building materials. This means that the same cost-effective upgrades from a decade ago may not be worthwhile now. However, some new upgrades are more than worth checking out to see if you like them.

Add a Patio to the Backyard  

A screened-in patio has slowly worked its way towards the top of many homeowners’ wish lists. Recent research indicates that most homeowners were able to recover 85% of the value of adding a patio to the increase of the value of their home. Add a beautiful outdoor seating environment that will be bug-free so you can enjoy quiet evenings while staring at the night sky.

Include a Fire Pit with Your Landscaping  

Fire pits are another major upgrade to your home that does not cost very much and will improve the value of your home by nearly as much. Roughly 80 to 84 percent of the cost of installing a fireplace is recovered in the increase in the value of homes. People love to be able to go outside no matter what time of year it is, and with a beautiful fireplace, it will make the winter months delightful when you get to spend time listening to the crackling of the fire in your backyard.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances  

If your home has old kitchen appliances and they have not been upgraded for decades, then this should be at the top of your list. Although it does cost more than some of these other options in terms of the upfront cost, the overall increase in the value of a home is more than the appliances cost typically. If you are looking for an upgrade option that will add more value to your home, then you have to spend to add it, brand-new kitchen appliances are one of your best options if you can afford them.

Install a Privacy Fence  

Even if your neighbors are right on top of the people still enjoy the feeling of having a private backyard. One of the best ways you can accomplish this even in a congested area is by installing a privacy fence. High-quality privacy fences are high at making sure that you feel as if you are in your world when you step into your backyard.

Finish Your Basement  

Finished basements are incredible because they can expand the size of your home substantially. They are incredibly popular in areas where it is cold over the winter. Having an extra finished basement can add over 1000 ft.² worth of heated space in your home.

Landscaping and Gardening

Landscaping and gardening have numerous benefits from sustainability, physical and mental health benefits as well as energy efficient benefits which can also help save a pretty penny. Some health benefits include a healthy does of sun and physical activity which can have positive effects on your physical and mental health. Hobbies are essential in teaching us a skill and shifting focus on something other than work related activities and gardening is a hobby that gives back either in beauty or in sustenance. Landscaping and gardening also have many benefits in both curb appeal and efficiency, planting specific plants can offer shade which can cut down on cooling costs which can help your cut your Comed utility bill.

Pressure Wash and Repaint the Exterior and Driveway of Your Home  

The first impressions are everything, are they not? Have you ever driven up to a home when you were looking to purchase, and you immediately had a strong first impression, either positive or negative?

If so, then you are already intimately familiar with the phenomenon we are describing here.  

Pressure washing home and applying a new coat of paint can take decades worth of age off the appearance of a home, increasing its value substantially thanks to the improvement in its first impression on the viewers.

Home upgrades do not have to be expensive to make a difference, there are many upgrades and appliances that can make a huge difference with even the tiniest of budgets.