Modern Ideas for Classic Styling

The design preferences when it comes to Interior Design, always keep changing. One of the main trends that has come up in recent years in Interior Design is the implementation of modern ideas in order to achieve a classic style. Even the new interior design schools across the planet have been able to combine the design patterns already in existence or have even come up with new ones. This innovative style has been dubbed as the “Modern Classic Style”. Now, despite there being a huge number of design schools, there are arguably only a couple of basic patterns that all of these schools tend to revolve around, namely – The Traditional or Classic Style and The Trendy or Modern Style. Some of the design schools favor the former, while the rest favor the latter. However, in recent times, the practice of using modern ideas to achieve a timeless classic design, has come to the fore in Interior Design, especially regarding redecoration of house, hotel, company, and office interiors.

What Is the Modern Classic Style?

The Modern Classic Style in Interior Design is a trend that combines both modern ideas and classic styles, while holding the capability of putting in a few touches of the minimalist style, so as to express absolute simplicity. The furniture that helps in achieving this kind of a design pattern, is basically trendy and simple, but should not give off an outright modern vibe. Two of the main factors that you have to play with in order to portray that perfect combination of Modern ideas and a Classic Style, are the Colors and the Accessories. Simple engraved cushions, geometric patterns, a few color shades, all come together to give off an exciting feeling of uniqueness. One thing to keep in mind for this Interior Design style is that it is recommended that you allow easy access for fresh air and sunlight into your room(s). So, you might want to avoid the use of curtains on the windows. Vertical Blinds can be an option to limit too much light. 

Modern Ideas in Different Areas

  1. Colors – Colours hold a lot of importance regarding the ambiance. A high-contrast combination exudes a sophisticated yet dramatic vibe. During the design phase, keep combining the colors of the furniture, room(s), decorations, etc. for creating the perfect blend of modern ideas and a classic style. Try keeping it very simple and select the perfect palette for the style. A few colors that you should use for this style are dark chocolate, white, grayest blue, white, gray, grayest blue, black, and silver.
  2. Using Accessories – You will get the strongest look by combining simple lines, decorations, and accessories. For example, set a vase on the table and put a single flower in it. In case you are a fan of geometric patterns, they can work beautifully as the basis of painting the walls or even on your pillows.
  3. Furniture – The furniture, when it comes to the Modern Classic Style, requires a particular design, that emits the proper essence of this style. Just like choosing the perfect colors and accessories, every detail of your furniture must be selected carefully to instill modern ideas while creating a timeless design. Try opting for a comfortable ambiance, with a modern look to get that perfect balance.
  4. Flooring – In any type of Classic Design, the flooring needs to remain neutral. Soft-colored carpets or solid wood flooring in warm color tones are your best bet. Since the flooring is neutral, the texture of your carpets or rugs must also be carefully decided upon. Sisal rugs, Berber carpets and hides, can be the perfect option in this regard. 

Classic designs exude an almost antique and historic feeling while Modern ideas are more directed towards revealing a certain simplicity. Combine the two and you have the perfect combination that is sure to take the breath away of anyone who enters your home. However, finding that perfect balance is a challenge and so make sure you do your due research, before going forward with the style.