Making a House a Home

Making a house a home is easy. You can introduce all your favourite home comforts and styles to make your house somewhere you call home, and really feel it. It’s time to make your home a place you want to be, and you’ve landed in the right place for home comfort tips and tricks. We all have our favourite spot on the sofa and side to sleep on in the bed, but what really makes us feel so secure in our homes?

Natural Light

Natural light really makes a room. If space feels darkened and dull you will feel your mood reflect this. How can you enhance your natural light? The best thing to do if you feel your space is lacking, you can replace thick curtains with beautiful voiles to enhance the light you have surrounding your windows. Additionally, placing mirrors adjacent to your sources of natural light allows the lighting to bounce around the room, brightening your once dull space and lifting your mood and the overall feel of your home.

Bookshelves / Home Library

A cosy alcove deserves a home library, particularly if you’re into your reading and cosy afternoons at home on a chilly autumn day. Having a space to sit down and read, with a beautifully designed home library will introduce a wonderful feeling of home comforts and relaxation. If reading isn’t your thing, you can include some floating bookshelves with two or three coffee table books, with accent décor sculptures and faux plants to create a beautiful statement for your bare walls.  

Bedroom Comforts

Bedroom comforts are anything from your favourite dimmer lighting, soft duvet set, and bedroom reads, to a luxurious pillow mist and soft silk pyjamas. Incorporating all your favourite bedroom comforts will evoke feelings of pure home comforts, turning your space from house to home in no time. If a certain scent reminds you of a comforting past time, introduce this into your bedroom to create a haven and a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. 

Blackout Blinds 

Blackout blinds are the ultimate creator of comfort. We all know how alarming it is on an early morning to be woken by light pouring through into your room at an early hour. A blackout blinds gives you the ability to provide light control in your home, paired with privacy, noise prevention and locking in that heat on a cool winters evening. Most manufacturers also use extremely durable, luxurious materials for your blackout blinds to provide you with a product that does exactly what it’s required, therefore the appeal of blackout blinds goes further than how fantastic they are for light prevention and privacy. A blackout blind adds an element of luxury and pure comfort to your home through contrasting patterns and luxurious fabrics.