Key Signs That You Need Help From One of the Mold Removal Services Alpharetta Georgia

Is it possible that you have mold in the house? A quick look around is not enough to confirm or deny the presence of mold. It’s possible for mold spores to be in places that you would never think of looking. That’s one of the reasons why you need help from one of the mold removal services Alpharetta Georgia. If any of the following applies in your case, now is the time to call a service and have the place checked. After the inspection, it will be easier to decide what happens next.

The Place Has a Musty Odor

Even after you clean the house from top to bottom, there’s still a scent that shouldn’t be present. Perhaps it’s a slightly musty odor, almost as if the place has been closed up for some time. Maybe it’s the scent of water that’s puddling somewhere in the house.

The only problem is that the place has not been closed up and there’s no standing water to be found. The origin could be mold that’s in the basement, growing in the air ducts, or even spreading within the walls. Wherever it happens to be, a professional can find and remove it.

There’s a Black Film Near the Baseboards

You notice a thin black line that seems to be on or just above the baseboards. At first, you think that it could be dirt that’s accumulated there. It’s easy enough to wipe it down with a damp cloth and get rid of it at first. Unfortunately, it seems to come back quickly and gets a little harder to clean each time.

Rather than being dirt, you’re dealing with mold. A professional can find all the mold that’s growing, not just what is reappearing along the baseboard. Once that’s done and the mold is removed, that thin black film won’t be back.

You Have Nasal Congestion or Similar Symptoms That Never Quite Go Away

You didn’t have allergies before, so why are they popping up now? It’s increasingly common to wake up with a stuffy nose and maybe a tickle in your throat. It may fade as you move around and leave the house for work, but it’s back again in a day or two.

The issue could be mold in the home. One of the mold removal services Alpharetta Georgia can find out if that’s the case. Should they find mold in the air ducts or in the walls, it can be eliminated with relative ease. Once that’s done, you’ll notice that the nasal congestion and the funny feeling in your throat isn’t happening any longer.

You Seem to Experience Frequent Headaches When You’re Home More

You have headaches that seem to occur when you spend more time at home. For example, it’s common for you to develop a headache if it’s Sunday afternoon and you’ve not been out of the house since coming home from work last Friday evening. Mold could be the culprit. Once it’s gone, your headaches should vanish as well.

Call a professional today and have the home checked for any signs of mold. After the mold remediation is complete, the place will smell nicer and you’re likely to feel better.