How to Make Tiny Bathrooms Feel More Spacious

If you spend so much time in the bathroom on your smartphone that your legs go numb or it takes hours to get ready, you’ll realise how crucial the bathroom is.

Most of us desire a large bathroom since we spend many of our days in our bathrooms. But, as bathrooms continue to shrink, it becomes increasingly difficult to realise this ideal.

Fortunately, these HDB bathroom design suggestions can help us maximise bathroom space and make it feel larger.

1. Increase the Size of the Toilet by Expanding It Outwards.

You read that correctly. According to HDB remodelling regulations, you may increase the size of your bathroom by up to 0.6 square metres or 600 mm in width. So although it may not appear to be much on paper, you could fit a sink or small cabinet in that area.

Suppose you are fortunate enough to have adjacent bathrooms, as is common in 3-Room Upgraded and 4-Room HDB design apartments. In that case, you may merge them into one enormous bathroom by demolishing the dividing wall.

Before starting, confirming with HDB whether your flat permits any of these alternatives is essential. You wouldn’t want to make an expensive and unlawful home improvement error.

2. Employ Sliding Doors.

If you perform acrobatics to avoid the door when entering and departing your little toilet, you may want to consider installing a sliding door. This way, you won’t have to account for the space occupied by the door’s swing, providing you with more space to work with.

When selecting a sliding door, lighter materials such as wood make it simpler to open and place less pressure on the track system supporting it. Depending on your plan, you may even choose a door that slides into a wall for a minimalist appearance.

3. Put Shelves Into the Walls for Storage.

In addition to choosing smaller appliances, you may utilise every nook and cranny by installing shelving into non-load-bearing walls. This provides storage space for your toiletries and depth to your bathroom by making the walls appear further apart than they actually are.

4. Save Room by Selecting a Corner Tub or Shower Tub Combination.

Some of you may be surprised to learn that you may have a bathtub in your HDB unit. The following worry that you may have is space. Instead of a solo shower in your HDB bathroom, consider installing a shower-tub combination that occupies the same amount of space.

If a shower-tub combination is not for you and you would want to separate your bath and shower, you might choose a corner tub or a Japanese ofuro. These bathtubs take up far less room while providing the comfort of a warm and soothing bath after a long day of work.

5. Use Windows to Increase the Amount of Natural Light.

Even the largest space might seem cramped if it lacks adequate lighting. By letting more natural light into our bathrooms, we visually expand the area, making our little bathrooms appear larger than they actually are.

Often, the louvre windows in most HDBs may be rather dark. Upgrade these panes to frosted glass alternatives that allow more light in, or go all the way and replace the bulky frame of louvre windows with the sleeker style of top-hung windows for a simple repair.