How to Make the Grass on Your Business Premises Beautiful and Strong

Nothing makes a commercial property beautiful like green and healthy grass. Your guests see the grass as the first thing when they arrive at your premises. Therefore, a well-maintained lawn with beautiful and strong grass can give a great first impression about you. However, beautiful grass does not just come by. You should put a little effort into making it beautiful by including various components and getting the best landscaping company to look after it. Here is how to make your grass beautiful and healthy. 

Choose the Right Species

The species of grass you choose also plays a vital role in how it grows and appears. Some grass like a lot of sunlight while others like dull places. Therefore, the climate of the area you do business in can detect the species to choose. If you want grass that can survive high foot traffic, you must choose a species on that angle. So, know the different species, how they grow, what they need, and the best climate. Your landscaper will help you pick the right species that works for you.

Apply the Right Amount of Fertilizer

Just like any other plant, grass needs nutrients to thrive. You might be tempted to use excess fertilizer to make it grow faster and better. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “too much of anything is poisonous.” Therefore, applying excess fertilizer may end up killing the grass. Instead, make sure you know the right amount to use. Be on the safe side by using it in little amounts. In fact, you may not need as much fertilizer as you think. Use little fertilizer to give the grass ample time to absorb the nutrients.

Consider Scheduling

Grass goes through various stages of growth. It will grow and sometimes go into a dormant stage. The stages are mainly determined by moisture, season, and weather. Therefore, you and the landscaper should know when these stages begin. It will help you to know when to water and fertilize.

Maintain the Right Height

Part of keeping your grass healthy is cutting it to the right height. Grass species have different characteristics, one of which is the ideal height. There is a type of grass that should not grow more than three inches, while others can grow more. Maintaining the right height helps the grass photosynthesize and grow strong. Therefore, you must also know the species to know the ideal height.

Work on Longevity

If you want the grass to remain healthy for a long time, take good care of it. Make sure you maintain it well and help it grow by mulching, clipping, and any other method that will promote growth. 

In Conclusion,

There are a lot of things involved in maintaining healthy and beautiful grass. It requires applying the right amount of fertilizers, watering, choosing species according to climate, and scheduling and maintaining the right height. Therefore, hiring a landscaping company with ample knowledge and experience will be a good idea to help you maintain beautiful and strong grass.