HBD Interior Design Ideas to Incorporate

Housing Development Board (HDB) flats are the most prevalent housing in Singapore, accounting for 80% of all dwellings. Interior design planning for your HDB home might be daunting, particularly for newer, smaller HDB flats.

There are plenty of lovely HDB interior design concepts from which to pick. This post will present some HDB interior design ideas that we believe will assist you in making better-educated selections as you create your ideal house with a practical yet aesthetically pleasing interior design. You may be amazed by the design possibilities of your HDB unit. Read on to learn more!

Use an Open Concept

In Singapore, open-floor plans are becoming more prominent. This design concept may appear quite basic, yet it serves as the basis for several HDB interior design thoughts and ideas.

Instead of being constrained by a HDB floor plan, demolishing barriers and adopting an open-plan idea would provide the appearance of space in a small HDB house. Due to its increased flexibility in terms of space planning, an open concept is well-suited for smaller flats. This is a common practice among HDB homeowners, who often combine their living and eating spaces to create a continuous, expansive environment.

Concentrate on the Little Details

While creating a home, paying attention to even the most minor aspects is crucial. They make a tremendous impact on the overall appearance of your home. By modifying little things, your HDB interior design will appear richer. Your choice of light switches, cabinet pulls, surface textures and sofa cushions may make or break the overall aesthetic of your house.

Put your imagination to work by combining contrasting designs. Aim for a symmetrical appearance in your space to convey a sense of stability and peace. Innovative wardrobe ideas, such as incorporating track lighting and adding groove lines to your wardrobe doors, give a remarkable degree of visual appeal in this study area, complimenting the modern rustic style of this environment. Experiment with various laminates and veneers to create visual contrast in your settings. Items such as paintings, figurines, carpets, and lamps may transform your rooms into beautiful interior spaces by enhancing their appearance.

Invest in the Appropriate Materials

When it comes to interior design, there are several materials and finishes to pick from. Understanding and selecting the appropriate materials for each space is crucial, and there are specific considerations to bear in mind. Consider characteristics like sturdiness, durability, simplicity of maintenance, and water resistance throughout the selection process.

Wood is a common material option in contemporary interior design ideas, and it is easy to understand why. Being a highly adaptable material, wood complements and is utilised in a variety of interior design styles, including Scandinavian interior design. It even aids in creating the sense of a larger area. The timeless aesthetic appeal and natural beauty of wood and its distinctive grain and textures infuse your home’s interior with natural warmth and a hint of rusticity.

Selecting an Appropriate Colour Palette

With a simple change of colour, you may suddenly transform the entire atmosphere of your HDB house. Changing the colour palette is one of the most cost-effective methods to revitalise a home’s interior.

A harmonious combination of immaculate white and wood tones creates a cosy atmosphere in residence. The same wood features used in the cabinetry and flooring harmonise with the white colour scheme to create an open and harmonious interior design for the entire room!

If your HDB flat does not receive much natural light, a fresh coat of white paint will quickly brighten the inside and make it feel more open. But remember that excessive use of pure white can make a home appear harsh and sterile. Explore alternatives to off-white, such as beige, ivory, taupe, and cream. Provide a diversity of textures to prevent the area from becoming monotonous.