Death and Its Natural Cause

Death can be natural what it happened due to a physiological or pathological condition. So long as it is not a violent death such as physical violence or acute intoxication, death can be considered natural. Forensic experts are professionals in determining the primary cause of death. It is however believed that most natural deaths happened suddenly and are mostly cardiac-related. These include cardiomyopathies, myocarditis, and atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries, just to name a few. Any natural death that is not cardiac related could be a result of the underlying health conditions including stroke, digestive hemorrhage, pneumopathy, pulmonary embolism, cancers, metabolic disorder of diabetes, and ruptured aneurysm. However, regardless of the cause of natural death, make sure you reach out to biohazard cleaning services Huntsville if the need for death cleanup arises. 

Kinds of Death

Most natural deaths sometimes happen at the least expected time and in some cases, even the most experienced forensic expert can’t give a definite explanation with regards to the death cause. No matter how advanced the technology, a few death causes are untraceable and undetectable. The role of a forensic expert, in this case, can be quite complex, as the death certificate must establish the cause of death, be it natural or unnatural. To be sure of his own findings, he has to at least determine the cause of death. 

Some of the most popularly known kinds of death include the following

  • Natural death 
  • Suicide
  • Homicide
  • Accident
  • Undetermined death: information indicating a manner of death is no more convincing. 

Undetermined Death

As earlier mentioned, not all death causes can be determined. Many natural deaths remain unexplained. When the forensic expert could not determine the cause of death, the autopsy report is left blank. It is thus assumed that these sudden deaths are the result of reflex phenomena. Another undetectable death can be a result of sudden and irreversible heart rhythm. When an individual encounters these kinds of death, they leave no traces behind.  

Sudden Death

Just as the name implies, a sudden death happens unexpectedly. This kind of death happens to an apparently healthy individual. More so, sudden death can also be classified as a natural death. One of the primary causes of sudden death is heart disease. Thousands of people pass on annually as a result of cardiac arrests. Many people have died prematurely due to this heart-related disease. A death can be classified as sudden death if it meets these scenarios.

  • Cardiac death caused by atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries is common amongst people above the age of 35.
  • Cardiac death caused by genetic cardiomyopathy is common amongst people below the age of 35.

Following the death of a loved one, you can count on biohazard cleaning services to clean up, and decontaminated the site where the dead body was evacuated. They will remove all biohazard contaminants found at the death scene. Regardless of the death cause, a lifeless body can leave bodily fluids which can be highly contagious. This is a common occurrence for an unattended death. In this case, you need expert biohazard cleaning services to perform a thorough cleaning process.