Crime Scene Cleaners – What Services They Do Provide

When you hear crime scene cleaners, the first thing that comes to mind is the gory sights of bloods, bodily fluids and tissues at a crime scene.  However, it may surprise you to know that these experts cover other aspects far beyond the scope of their expertise. Here are some of the various kinds of projects these technicians handle.

Disinfect Contagious Pathogens

What happens following an outbreak in healthcare facilities, schools or nursing homes? What do you do when a patient reports at the hospital but spends considerable amount of time in the waiting room? no doubt the waiting room and anything else they’ve touched is contaminated. These experts specialize in disinfecting and making these facilities safe. They work closely with in-house janitorial team for fast and efficient sanitization of the facility. What’s more is that these services are performed with minimal disruption to daily activities. Prisons and correctional facilities are not left out. in the event of a violent protest or riot, crime scene cleaners are called upon to clean up blood, body fluid and tissue found at the scene of the event. Fast and thorough job are done to make the affected area safe. 

Biohazard Cars

Biohazard car is a term used to describe a vehicle with blood stains or body fluids found in it. No one will be willing to buy such vehicle for a good price because nobody wants to get sick. They don’t want to expose themselves to the dangerous blood pathogen present in the vehicle. And even if they are to undertake such risky endeavor, the market value of the vehicle will be lowered. Regardless of how efficient the air freshener is, your ambulance, fleet truck or passenger vehicle will never have that refreshing smell. Crime scene cleaners take care of bad odors by ridding your car of blood, tissue and bodily fluid spills that looks difficult to clean. In addition, these experts can handle smoke and mildew odors. 

Are you driving to the hospital with your pregnant wife in labor but the baby just can’t wait too long? Obviously, she gave birth in the car. Congratulations on your new born but let’s face it your car is all messed up. Cleaning the mess can put you at great risk. Biohazard cleaning company can reinstate your car to its prior condition. Your vehicle is no different from the number of mobile delivery rooms they’ve cleaned, disinfected and sanitized. 

Unattended Death

This is just another aspect that requires the attention of professional crime scene cleaners. When a death goes on unnoticed for hours, days, weeks or even months, this may result in foul odor. The cause of the death might vary including natural causes, suicide, homicide or an accident. Whatever the case, the body must have decomposed with body fluids seeping through porous surface. These area needs to be cleaned by expert in the field. Improper sanitization of the area can complicate issues, resulting in mold and respiratory infections.