Country Garden Trends

There is an emerging trend for country gardens in 2022. We are seeing less landscaping, and more planting. Throughout the world-wide pandemic, we saw an increase in outdoor garden rooms, taking inside living outside, landscaping our gardens, building pergolas, and introducing additional outdoor rooms.

We are now connecting with nature and planting more. Lining our gardens with bursts of colour. 2021 was a big year for eco-friendly gardening and this is set to increase throughout the course of 2022. We absolutely love the luscious, leafy vibes gardens are bringing this year, along with a low maintenance up-keep.

There is a lot to be said about the colours in our garden, and how they make us feel. By Introducing luscious leafy green plants, we are bringing a calming vibe to our garden space, soothing our soul.

Some plants to consider when looking to reduce stress and relax are:

– Lavender – Eases stress and tension

– Aloe Vera – Removes harmful chemicals in the air and has anti-anxiety effects

– Jasmine – Improves our sleep quality

– Peppermint – Improves alertness and lowers frustrations levels

– Chamomile – Anti-anxiety effects

When it comes to growing your plants or fresh fruit and veg, we know how beneficial a raised planter is. Did you know? Growing bush tomatoes in a raised bed reduces blite disease. Equally, growing your plants and other fruit and veg in a raised planter reduces the opportunity for pests and animals to spoil your plants, not to mention they look simply lovely! They give us real country garden vibes and we absolutely love it.


We’re living in a world where we want our homes and garden ready for Instagram, and our confidence in daring colours has sprung into action this spring. The returning trend this year is colour overload. Introducing low-maintenance, colourful plants into our garden this spring and summer is key to the perfect garden. Our personal favourites are salvia, crocosmia, Granvia gold, and echinacea.

2022 is bringing brightly-coloured bulbs like the gorgeous smelling lavender, and architectural alliums, and according to the Chelsea flower show, they are listing Niagra, Digitalis x Valinii, Astrantia, Hardy Fern, and Lomandra as strong contenders this year.