Common Refrigerator Freezer Problems And Solutions

A refrigerator is the most important appliances in your house since it prevents food from spoiling and provides ample space to store your grocery.

Since the fridge has to work 24/7, it will undergo some wear and tear during its operation. Especially freezer requires proper maintenance frequently to clear the ice formation.

If you think your freezer is not working properly, observe the symptoms exhibited by it. If the issue is small and can be solved just by referring a manual guide, then go ahead.

If the problems are more complicated then you can call upon the concerned technician by contacting the customer care.

In this article, I have mentioned a few freezer problems and their solutions. Continue reading until the end of the article to get complete information.

Common problems and their solution.

1.Not Cooling Enough.

According to the sources, a freezer that is not maintained at a proper temperature can pose health risks.

Food kept at 0° Fahrenheit is considered safe for long term storage.

Sometimes freezer temperature is accidentally changed without being noticed. If the temperature is set properly, make sure to correct it.

Some freezer hasa built-in thermometer which seems to be not working properly. In that case, buy a new one to check the temperature.

Always keep 70-80% of your freezer full to get efficient cooling. Never stuff too much food, it can limit air circulation within the freezer.

Evaporator fan may be malfunctioning and it’s mainly responsible for air circulation throughout the freezer.

Not Cooling Enough

2. Over Cooling.

If you think your refrigerator body feels warm but the freezer is overcooling, then your freezer may be over-freezing.

There can be a defrosting issue at the refrigerator back because of a defective defrost heater or defrost sensor.

The Defrost heater is responsible for automatic defrosting. So when the heater stops working, ice build-up will occur and further cooling does not occur through the coils.

If your freezer needs to run efficiently, defrost it regularly. Better buy a frost-free refrigerator to avoid the challenge of manual defrosting.

Over Cooling

3.Strange Noise In The Freezer.

This is mainly because of the issue in the evaporator fan. Always never assume the sound is from the fan.

It can also be from the ice maker while preparing a batch of ice, sound when the appliance is defrosting itself, motor sound when it is running at a high speed.

Some refrigerator even produces different sounds in its normal operation. Diagnosing a sound can be very difficult.

During the night, when there is no much work refrigerator sounds silent. Always refer to the manual guide to get specific details about operating sounds.

Sometimes if some other part has a defect that has no direct connection with the sound, then it should not be confused with the evaporator fan.

Always prefer buying the best refrigerator brand with frost-free technology to avoid unusual sound from the normal compressor.

4. Water Leaking On The Floor.

If the defrost drain from the freezer is over frozen, then it needs to be defrosted and cleaned frequently.

Water leaking can also be due to spilt ice cubes while defrosting. The water drain attached to the appliance has to be replaced if it’s leaking.

You will get a condensation pan to collect water from the freezer after defrosting. If defrosted ice produces more water than the pan can hold, then the water starts spilling outside.

Water in the condensation pan has to be evaporated naturally. Mechanical room cover has to be in place to ensure proper airflow inside the fridge.

If the cover is damaged or missing, then this problem will occur. Replace the cover as soon as possible.

5. Bad Tasting Of Ice.

If the ice cubes are stored for longer duration in the ice dispensers, then it starts absorbing odours from the food. If you are regularly using ice cubes, then this is not a major problem.

If the ice maker is not used, then you can keep it outside if it’s removable or make room for fresh ice cubes.

Even when the water is contaminated with an excess of mineral salt, then it can change the taste of ice cubes.

Frequently clean the water filter connected to the water and ice dispensers to keep the intake clean.

6. Frost buildup in the freezer.

You can find frost build up around the freezer door which indicates that the door was not fully closed. Find any packaging items to prevent the gasket from sealing properly.

If the frost is light, snowy and seems to be everywhere then the freezer temperature may be set to low.

If the temperature of the appliances is too low, then it becomes difficult to remove the moisture as the appliance starts freezing.

Frost inside the freezer may be mainly due to a faulty freezer defrost sensor. To solve this problem you need to contact a professional technician.

If the door is faulty then the outside air can come in resulting in the formation of frost on the freezer wall. Simply replace them to solve the problem, if any of these parts are damaged.

7. The freezer is not functioning properly

To check whether the power is flowing or not into the product, just check the working of freezer light. Verify whether the electronic controls are working in normal condition or not.

Sometimes it can be our silly mistake of not reading the owner’s manual. In the manual, you can see how the appliance’s settings are done.

Also, check the outlet by putting some devices and checking the power supply. If there is any issue replace the outlet switch or solve the wiring problem by contacting a technician.