Common Mistakes We Make With Pests In The Home

If you own your home, you probably have dealt with bugs, mice, or other pests in the house at some point. It’s important to handle these issues correctly to avoid issues, but the mistakes mentioned here can lead to trouble. 

As long as you avoid these issues, you can get a handle on your home’s pest problems. 

Being Reactive To Pest Problems

If you see a roach in the pantry, you may not want to call in the pest professionals just yet. And if you see a mouse in the garage, you might just put down a mousetrap and be done with it. 

Taking these casual approaches to pest problems may be okay sometimes. However, if you see a bug or mouse here and there, they could be signs of a big problem; you just can’t really see the full extent of the infestation yet. 

While it’s understandable to want to save money, it’s usually best to treat the home for pests quarterly to stay on top of things. And you should do this whether you see bugs and critters or not. 

Have your pest treatment professional spray the home regularly and you can often prevent problems from occurring. 

Moving Too Slowly 

We’re all busy and it’s understandable to let a stray ant or two in the foyer go. But when you see one bug or pest, there are almost always more. If you don’t act quickly, you could have a really expensive problem in your future.

The same day you notice any pests in the house, talk to your pest professional to get to the source of the problem. 

Waiting For Colder Weather

You may notice more insects during the warmer months, but it’s a mistake to assume that the problem will disappear as soon as the snow flies. 

You could actually have more bug problems in the winter if your home is warm, cozy, and stocked with plenty of tasty food! 

Letting Trees And Bushes Overgrow

The outside of the home can be a fantastic environment for bugs and rodents and you might not have a clue. Things can be made worse if you allow trees and shrubs to grow too much. If they make contact with the sides and roof of the house, undesirable critters may travel from the plant life to the home much easier. 

Also, if you have firewood stacked for the winter, ensure that it isn’t making contact with the exterior of the home. The more clean and neat you can keep the outside of the home, the less likely you will have pests get inside. 

Not Really Fixing The Problem

If you see a mouse or two in the house and set traps, that’s fine; that may catch those little pests. But you should look for the source of the problem in the home. For example, maybe you have cracks in the foundation and the mice are getting in through there.

It’s important to block any point of entry for bugs and pests so they can’t get inside in the first place. 

Using Pest Control Products Unsafely

It’s easy to go to any grocery store and find insect sprays and traps on the shelf to help eliminate ants and other bugs. These products are simple to buy and it’s easy to not be careful when and where you use them. 

Even store-bought pesticides can be powerful and toxic to pets and children, so take care of how you use them. 

Eliminating Helpful Insects

Many of us don’t like insects, but you can make your pest problem worse by eliminating helpful bugs, such as spiders and ladybugs. These insects can often be helpful and keep more serious problems at bay. 

If you and your family can avoid making these pest control errors, you’ll have fewer undesirables in the home, and you can enjoy a happier time in the house.