Common Causes of Water Damage in the Home

One of the most beneficial modern amenities that we have in our homes today is running water. Many people take running water in their home for granted, but it allows us to comfortably bathe, eat and cook without thinking twice about it. With great power comes great responsibility. Water, if not controlled and channeled properly, will become a very destructive force. If you have water that takes its own path inside of your home, you are looking at a top-level disaster.

When water damage occurs, it can affect everything. You might experience warped floors, discolored walls, and growing mold. There is no limit to what water will touch and destroy and it can be very expensive to repair.  Here’s some information on the cost of water damage restoration in Las Vegas.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of water damage. If you can anticipate the cause, you might be able to prevent the damage.

Leaky Pipes

There are many pipes inside of a home that serve many different purposes. A leaking kitchen sink pipe would cause damage to the cabinets below. A leaking pipe within a wall would be a far more difficult disaster to repair and may involve removing drywall.

Extreme Weather

Heavy rain from a storm such as a thunderstorm or hurricane can penetrate a roof that is damaged or in need of replacement. This water will cause damage to your ceilings, walls and floors to start. Flash flooding from a storm can leave you with inches of water in your home and thousands of dollars in water damage restoration work.

Washing Machine Water Line Leak

Some older homes may use rubber water supply lines to their washing machines. These types of hoses can become brittle and crack over time causing slow leaks that destroy whatever is in the path of the water.

Air Conditioning Condensation

Normal operation of AC units causes condensation to flow through a drain line and away from your home. If this exit path becomes blocked with dust, you then have a water leak straight into your house. This will damage floors, walls, insulation and more.

Broken Water Heater

Water heaters usually only last ten years if you are lucky. They don’t work forever and one day your water heater will get busted causing the water to leak into the surrounding area. It could flood your basement or your garage unless it has a pan to catch the water.

Clogged Drains

There are quite a few drains in and around your home – sinks, bathtubs, storm drains and dishwashers to name a few. They can become clogged easily with dirt, grease, hair, food or even toys. A blocked drain will cause water to backup and flow into unwanted spaces surrounding the drain resulting in water damage.

Water damage happens unexpectedly but can be minimized or even eliminated with regular maintenance and inspection of your home. Check on these water damage causes regularly to perhaps catch a disaster before it happens to you.