Choosing Wallcoverings For Ceilings

Modern house owners and business spaces of known entrepreneurs like hotels and cafes choose to have exclusive wallcoverings for their Ceiling as it gives a more stylish and grand result.

Wallpapers are usually underrated, but you can’t deny its incredible ability to turn something into a new vibe that can draw your visitors’ attention. Its designs and patterns could bring out the best of your space, and it can add character, color, and a magnificent interior matching your theme.

Many fear having a loud wallpaper design, particularly for the ceiling since the minimalistic design is a trend nowadays. However, you can’t go wrong with wallcoverings with a unique style as long as you know your goal and how to use it in your space correctly.

In this article, we will provide ways to get the right wallcovering for your ceiling and how you can do it with ease.

Things you should know about using Wallpaper in your Ceiling. 

Choose the ideal color palette for you, research patterns you can get, and make sure to read along for the tips we have for you.


Yes, it was dubbed as Wallpapers, but it can also be used for your ceiling.

You might think it is challenging to install since it may require you to put it vertically, but your effort will be worth it once you finish.

Visually, it may give you an improved look with all the available patterns and designs you can choose from. Keep in mind that wallpapers are not only for a vintage feel but can now rock with style these past years.

Before we start, we wanted you to know all the factors you need to consider, what to prep and plan with your tools before jumping into that plunge.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Commercial Wallpaperfor Your Ceilings

1. Pick the right Ceiling Wallpaper designs.

It may be tedious for some and will consume time, but thanks to the new technology of new manufacturers as they already have easy to install Wallpapers.

Types of wallpapers:

  • Traditional  – These are types of wallpapers that need special glue. You often see floral designs for vintage or classic covering for walls and ceiling. They offer a contemporary style with excellent air quality due to less harmful materials used on producing it.
  • Pre Glued Wallpapers – More convenient to apply, but still need to add water to initiate the glue.
  • Removable  – Modern Wallpapers that have a peel and stick process. Easier to install and created with quality papers. You can browse at Mahones Commercial Wallpaper available for numerous designs and prints to choose from.

Loud and bold designs can be attractive and could be used for presenting your artistic side; however, it could also make or break you if you are into selling your homes or for commercial space use. You must know how to pick a color that suits your current wall designs and types of furniture. It will play a big part in the complete look of your finished space.

If you aim to get a cozy vibe, you can get darker tones for your ceiling wallpaper. Darker tone also gives a smaller effect to a room.

While bright or colorful tones make it bigger. It also attracts positive energy to your space, which will eventually be noticed by the people who will visit your area and feel like it is a broader space to chill.

2. Having a Conducive Ceiling for Wallpapering

While you can hope to attach wallpaper and hide flaws, if you don’t start with such a smooth, tidy, conceptually intact ceiling, you are definitely asking for problems. When you stay in an aging house with cracks and canopy, your wallpaper may crumble as more cracks build over the years.

Popcorn ceiling or with asbestos are also a no-no for wallcoverings that may not adhere to its surface. Examples of the ceiling wherein you can use wallcoverings are:

  • Beadboard
  • Exposed wood beams
  • Embossed tin

3. Consider Architectural Advantage


Several rooms, such as kitchens and utility spaces, were also good candidates for these commercial grade wallpaper as there isn’t much real wall to spruce up among cabinetry or bulky furniture. Same with rooms that have more doors, windows, and sometimes shelving. Likewise, Ceiling Wallpaper designs in a dorm upstairs room can conceal unpleasant angles.

4. Removal plans

Wallpaper is not forever, especially if you hang it in your ceiling.  Although conventional wallpaper does have an estimated lifetime of 15 or even more years, designs and tastes shift. Be sure you pick a theme that would age well—particularly valid for children’s rooms, where often trendy motifs won’t generally hold as your children ages.

Furthermore, suppose your space needs to be updated that depends on the season and trends like in hotels and cafes. In that case, it is advisable to get removable wallcoverings so it will be easier for you to change and remove them. Source One Exclusive wallcoverings have excellent and high-grade wallpapers from famous brands. This removable Wallpaper is created to easily strip it from the surface and prevent steam and scouring for the glue.