Choose the best wooden statement with Merbau flooring

Are you having a tiled floor and now thinking of going into hardwood status? Then here you are at the right point. This article discusses the detailed discussion about exotic and extremely wonderful merbau flooring. When looking for flooring, it is important that you get to know some pointers so that you can decide before installing the hardwood floor. There are various benefits of using merbau on the flooring. It has its natural oily feature which makes the luster of flooring last for a longer span of time. This, in fact, provides a tender as well as attractive look.

About Merbau

Merbau is a wood that has been acknowledged in the world of furniture for its renowned features. This is found in Southeast Asia and Islands of the Pacific Ocean. This wood is used for the construction of merbau wooden floors. The tree grows best in the areas that are wet and swampy. It is also found in the regions of rain forests, flood plains, and riverbanks. It is widely regarded to be one of the highest qualities of timber wood. It is because of its quality that has put its reputation on the top of its use. This reputation is similar to that of oak.

Importance of Merbau wood in home decor

When the merbau wood is cut down freshly, it gives out an oily odor. The untreated states of merbau wood give out a greasy touch altogether. This wood is indeed one of the rarest woods that have its name in the world of furniture. When it comes to home décor, it is important that you will always seek to add the best choice to suit your décor. People, who prefer the wonderful choice of floors, always look for flooring made of merbau wood. Thus it is important that one should look for the best wooden flooring for one’s home.

Merbau gives glossy look indeed

When compared with oak or maple wood, merbau stands best among all. This type of floor is wanted by those who look for standards. Merbau looks too impressive when mixed with a crimson and brown combination of yellow specks. Merbau can give you outdoors an exquisite look as it is one of the greatest addition created by usable outdoor in a living space. There are in fact different types of home decors available with merbau wooding. It would be best if you hire an expert who would help you in deciding the right kind of furniture suitable in the right sphere.

 Versatile yet expensive strategies

Once you surf through the internet, you will get to see floors that are made using Merbau woods. The woods can be used by minimal alteration to it on a floor. It can be engineered to produce the stripes that are made of wood. This wooden look also provides versatile and up to date options of flooring. Merbau flooring is one of the best and also expensive strategies that are in use for home décor. Thus it is very popular because of the Janka rating in the year of 1925. The hardness of the lumber matters a lot when it is about outdoor or indoor flooring.

Powerful point of merbau flooring

The point of primary focus against flooring is that it holds a single uncomfortable function. When it is wet, tannins in Merbau wood will bring out a powerful red color, through which the solid wood may spot out any gentle-tinted floor that can ruin the drive-ways, sports car, and other living spaces. Merbau is signified as the material for floor construction. This particular flooring material is tough and impressive enough. It looks trustworthy with a sleek finish and elegant look. Carpenters have marked the wood best to create designs out of these fantastic wood furniture. More than 100 percent of homeowners prefer using merbau wood for flooring.

Enduring pests with merbau flooring

This merbau flooring holds the capacity to endure pests from preying on wood. The rigid wood is indeed prepared with pure grains that have a thickness of more than 700 kilograms along with a solidity rating of more than 850 kilograms when kept under dry conditions. This is the reason why contractors prefer this wood as the resilient and the highest quality in terms of material for outdoor as well as indoor decking plus flooring. This wood is also ideal for furniture and home décor purposes. It is tested and is durable. Floors made out of this lumber can last up to fifty years and sometimes even more. Natural oil makes the look of merbau wood feel glossy that too regardless of the existing environment.