Best Chests Of Drawers To Organise Your Clothes In Style

Storage is a big issue in every household. No matter how much furniture you buy, people complain about how a room magically gets full! Thus, it is rightly said that one can never have too much storage space. However, you can learn to organize your stuff in style to make any room look less messy and more comfortable.

A chest of drawers is a common piece of furniture, which is most popular for its versatility and style. Unlike most pieces, this one is a perfect fit for your living room, bedroom, dining area, or hallway – you see, it has no fixed place! Apart from its obvious functionality of having multiple drawers to neatly organize things in, it also has a handy surface. Simply hang a mirror on top and it’s a dressing table, or you could also just use it as a sideboard in the dining area.

Here are the top 7 chests of drawers that are available in the market today that you surely should consider:

1. ORO Chest Of Drawers

One of the best drawers which are available for storing everyday essentials with a top-shelf space is the ORO Chest of Drawers. This beautiful drawer is finished with a soft grey tone. The middle drawer has a contrasting light wood front and the pattern is inspired by parquetry. The metalwork is of gold-tone and the look of this drawer turns luxurious and contemporary with ease. The ORO chest of drawers was designed in the OB studio and was produced in Portugal. It is among the famous choices for contemporary drawer designs.

  • Dimension: 112.5cm x W 70cm x D 40cm
  • Buy at £545, Oliver Bonas

  • Natur Pur Edith Six-Drawer Chest

The Natur Pur Edith six-drawer chest has a very simple and aristocratic design that can add luxury to any bedroom. Fine white oak has been used along with oak veneers in order to handcraft the drawer and provide it an aesthetic look. There are six drawers which include two small ones at the top and these lockers are best to store small precious items. Items like clothes and accessories can be stored in them. A warm honey-colored shiny wax finish has been given to it in order to provide it with a smooth finish. The swirling pattern of actual oak branches can be observed in these drawers and the elegance is enhanced as well. The craftsmanship is seen in every part and makes it a beautiful product.

  • Dimensions: H 108cm x W 83cm x D 44cm
  • Buy at £399.99, Wayfair

2. Ariella Chevron Chest Of Drawers

Mango wood has been used to handcraft the Ariella Chevron chest of drawers. A single layer of whitewash is applied in order to maintain its beauty. The design is textured with a beautiful chevron design that has the mid-Victorian handles, and the legs of these drawers are tapered and made out of brass. The drawers have ample space and they can prove to be great to store clothes, shoes, small accessories, etc. It has proved to be one of the best drawers for households.

  • Dimensions: H93 x W90 x D45cm
  • Buy at £895, Graham & Green

  • Cox & Cox Allston Tall Chest Of Drawers

The Cox & Cox Allston Tall chest of drawers has a design of the Nordic appeal which is also collaborating with a specific Industrial design. It has five tall and stylish drawers and the frames of these drawers are made of iron. This chest is quite sturdy and can be relied upon to store essentials quite easily. It has a good center of mass which will not allow it to topple easily. This drawer has a contemporary style which makes it easy to fit into any room, whether it is your showy drawing room or your secluded bedroom. The high-quality grainy wood has a light texture and it contrasts beautifully with its dark metal frame. Its pretty and slim handles give it a nice finishing touch.

  • Dimensions: H 117 x W 71 x D 46cm
  • Buy at £695, Cox & Cox

  • Argos Home Softline 4+4 Chest Of Drawers, Black

The Argos Home Softline drawer has great storage space. It is quite versatile and can be easily used as a stylish and elegant sideboard. The contemporary and chic design can make this piece of furniture the focal point of any room because of its rich color. The circular wood is essential to set the handles and the legs which are relatively tapered can be considered the epitome of Victorian char. The solid wood drawers which are added to this magnificent chest have made it a very sturdy unit of beauty. The chest is flat packed and beautiful.

  • Dimensions: H 89.2 x W 135.1cm x D 39.6cm
  • Buy at £220, Argos

  • Oak Furnitureland Copenhagen Natural Solid Oak Chest Of Drawers

Do you want a chest of drawers that is constructed from a hundred percent solid Oak? Well, the Oak Furnitureland Copenhagen Natural Solid Oak Chest range can provide you exactly this. This chest has 7 drawers and it is suitable to be placed both in the dining and the living room. The elongated sideboard is not the usual square-shaped which adds to its contemporary style. The honey color of the drawers adds to the warmth of the furniture. The legs are smooth and tapered. The handles which are relatively recessed show mild evidence of the mid-century Danish design.

  • Dimensions: H 79cm x W 139cm x D 43cm
  • Buy at £399.99, Oak Furnitureland

  • Chest of Drawers Two

This is one of the most elegant chests which has a large bottom drawer that can be used to store blankets and large items. The top drawer is relatively small and can carry valuable accessories since it can be locked. Its colors pale Ash and brush bronze beautifully complement each other. The detail of this particular chest is the signature of this specific collection.

  • Dimensions: H 93.5 cm x W 100cm x D 47cm
  • Buy at £2785, Another Country

  • The French Bedroom Company Palais Royal Ivory And Gold French Chest Of Drawers

The French bedroom company Palais presents an elegant set of drawers which is crafted from mahogany. This design is inspired by Louis XVI. Its colors Royal ivory and gold accents compliment each other well and make an aristocratic statement. The drawers are quite deep and white. They have ornamental keys and ample storage space. If it is maintained carefully, the ornate design is sure to outshine every other piece of furniture in the room.

  • Dimensions: H 92cm x W 122cm x D 52cm
  • Buy at £820, The French Bedroom Company

  • Loaf Willow Chest Of Drawers

This large three-drawer chest from Loaf Willow is one of those designs which can be a good fit for any season. The front unit is exclusive and the brand Loaf can be considered stylish for any time. The finishing is light and weather which can complement the natural patina of the drawers. The legs are quite tall and can provide a certain height to the chest which can create an optical illusion of larger space on the floor.

  • Dimensions: H 83cm x W 100cm x D 46cm
  • Buy at £795, Loaf

  •  Furniture 123 Darley Two-tone Wide Chest Of Drawers

Offering great value for money, this piece offers understated elegance. It is a seven-drawer chest with a trio of small drawers on top of four larger ones, that fits perfectly in any room. Boasting a smooth light grey finish along with a contrasting Washed Oak top, this one offers an aesthetically-pleasing symmetry. It comes with minimal and brushed stainless steel knobs.

  • Dimensions: H 73cm W 130 x D 49
  • Buy at £269.97, Furniture 123

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Best Chests Of Drawers

While choosing the suitable chest of drawers from a perfect online furniture store for your home, you should consider the space, weight up capacity, and the square footage. Chests today come in a huge variety. Some have deep and wide drawers but can be cumbersome. Remember that hefty units are more difficult to budge. On the other hand, there are taller units that provide great storage space although they require the most amount of space themselves. Fix these to the wall if they are unsteady.

Another important aspect to consider is the design. No matter what look you want to achieve, remember that this unit will deliver the beauty of natural wood like none other. Go for a handcrafted piece in ash, oak, or warm acacia whether you’re looking for a contemporary or classic design. The smooth and shiny finish will bring an immediate sense of sophistication to your space.