Benefits of Commercial Exterior Painting Services That You Don’t Want to Miss

Your place of business needs sprucing up, and that includes doing some painting. While you did think about buying the materials and having some of your employees tackle the task, is that really the way that you want to go? A better approach is to hire professionals who offer commercial exterior painting services in your area. Here are some of the advantages that come with the latter option. 

Expert Advice on Paint Selection

Painting a commercial building involves more than spotting a color you like and getting enough to do the job. You want paint that will resist fading, hold up well to all sorts of weather conditions, and be in compliance with any color requirements or other factors that may apply in the area where the building is located. Can you say that you or any of your employees know a lot about these critical areas? Most employers would have to answer no. 

By contrast, those who make a living by painting commercial exteriors understand local regulations and standards perfectly. They also know what sort of pain will work best with your facade and can identify colors that are sure to meet any local requirements. Their bank of knowledge will actually simplify the process of choosing the right paint and the best color. 

All the Right Equipment

There’s a lot more to painting a building facade than buying a few brushes and rollers. You’ll need scaffolding, sprayers, and quite a bit of other equipment. Some of it you will recognize and know how to use with ease. Other equipment will leave you wondering how to use it properly. 

Painters who work with commercial building exteriors know what sort of equipment is needed and how to use it responsibly. They are also likely to have a lot of that equipment on hand, eliminating the need to buy or rent much of what’s required. See this as another way to manage the project with greater efficiency. 

And the Proper Preparation

It’s rare for a commercial painting job to commence without some sort of preparation for the exterior walls. They may need to be pressure washed first, or at least cleaned in some way. There’s also the matter of applying primer, depending on the type of materials used for the facade. It may also be necessary to remove older layers of paint in order to achieve the best results. 

You may not be sure how to prepare those exterior walls, but it’s a safe bet that a professional can examine them and know exactly what needs to be done. This is important since you want the fresh paint job to make the place look better than it has in a long time. 

The Safety Factor

While much of the equipment that’s needed has to do with the painting proper, there’s also safety measures to address. The goal is to ensure that those measures reduce the risk of anyone being harmed while the project is in progress. It’s not just the painters that must be considered. Since this job does involve the exterior of a commercial building, there’s also the need to make sure pedestrians and others entering and leaving the building can do so with a reasonable amount of safety. 

While you may not be sure how to address all these factors, commercial painters know exactly what measures to put in place and how to monitor them for the duration of the project. This is important, since the last thing you want is for anyone to be injured while the work is in progress. 

Exterior Painting and Your Business Insurance

You’re not the only one who has a vested interest in making sure the project proceeds without any injuries. The insurance company providing your business coverage is also highly interested in ensuring reasonable steps are taken to avoid injuries and the subsequent claims. In fact, they will be happy to find out you’ve hired professional painters rather than tackling this project on your own. 

The insurance protection that commercial exterior painting services carry typically includes liability coverage. That goes a long way toward removing the burden of liability from your shoulders. Paired with the insurance that you have to protect you and your employees, there should be more than an adequate amount of coverage present. Best of all, the safety measures taken by the professional painters will minimize the potential for an accident, something your insurance agent is sure to appreciate. 

The Time Management Angle

The amount of time spent on any project is something to consider. In your case, it would be nice to have the building’s exterior finished in the shortest possible amount of time. Since you also want the quality of the work to be the best, it makes sense to hire professionals for this task. 

Remember that it’s not just about how long it takes to paint the building exterior; it’s also about making the most practical use of the resources on hand. By leaving the painting to the professionals, you and your staff can focus on tasks related to the business operation. While you do what you do best, the painters are doing the same. The result is that everyone gets more done and all parties benefit. 

Attention to Detail

While painting does tend to be a forgiving approach that helps improve the look of any property, there’s still the need to pay attention to the minor details. Simple things like making sure the paint for the trim is applied properly, all the lines are straight, and there are no imperfections found here and there takes time and expertise. Since you don’t want to go back later and correct little mistakes, it makes sense to have someone do is right the first time. 

You can bet that professional exterior painters know how to do it properly and how to check for any areas that need touching up or some other strategy before all the equipment is packed up and hauled away. Opting for professionals to manage the painting means the building will look great rather than just adequate. 

More Affordable in the Long Run

Learning as you go is fine in many instances. It’s not the best way to approach painting a building facade. Correcting issues on a regular basis wastes time and money. The setbacks may be short when considered individually, but the cumulative waste of paint and other resources can add up to a tidy sum. 

Opting to hire professionals means much of the waste of resources is eliminated. It’s true there may be some minor issues to address near the end of the project, but that’s much different from correcting all sorts of things throughout the painting. In the long run, you’re likely to find that hiring professionals saves on more than one front. 

If you want to enhance the look of your place of business this year, call some professional exterior painters and arrange for a contractor to look at the property. Discuss options and what they would mean in terms of cost management. You’re likely to find that hiring professionals for this project rather than trying to handle it on your own will pay off in multiple ways.