Adding color to your Baby’s Nursery through Wallpaper

Moms-to-be often change their minds about the color of the baby’s nursery. But painting is time consuming and messy, and wallpaper is an easy solution for adding bright colors to a baby’s room. Pink is always a favourite choice, but it isn’t for everyone. You can create a room that reflects your taste and style with peel wallpaper, regardless of what color you prefer.

You don’t need to hire an expensive decorator to get the look you want in your baby’s nursery. A wall covering will instantly update the look and feel of any room and add value to your home at the same time.

Here are some tips for adding wallpaper to your baby’s nursery:

Go with Bright Colours

Choose bright colours that enhance the room’s decor, such as pink, lavender, yellow or green. If you go with a soft pastel color, consider combining it with white trim and accents around the window and baseboards to provide visual contrast.

Wallpaper Pattern that matches your taste

Pick a wallpaper pattern that reflects your personal taste, but make sure it coordinates with the rest of the room. If you are planning to use solid colours, choose one color for all of the walls. For wallpapers with patterns, pick two coordinating patterns for opposite walls. If there is a window in the room, place the patterned wallpaper on the walls opposite the window.

Wallpaper colors must match the color scheme and the furniture

Match the wallpaper to your furniture and color scheme for a cohesive look, but don’t be afraid to incorporate different patterns if you want contrast between parts of the room. If you already have furniture that has colorful upholstery or decorative pillows, pick wallpapers that blend with these accent pieces.

Don’t go with Busy Patterns

Avoid choosing busy patterns that are difficult to match with your existing room decor. Bright colors tend to stand out more than pastels, so use simple patterns or stripes if you want to avoid making the room too busy. You can also consider using plain white wallpaper for a clean look that doesn’t compete with other decorative items in the room.

Get color inspirations from Wallpaper Magazines and Catalogues

If you still aren’t sure which style and color to choose, browse through peel & Stick Nursery wallpaper catalogues and magazines before choosing. You can also find wallpaper books in your local library that offer advice on matching colors and styles for different rooms.

Wallpaper Inspirations for Nursery

To help you, here are some best wallpaper choices for your Baby Nursery which can be used to decorate the walls of your house so that it may create a perfect holistic environment thus creating the best possible home for your little one.   

Butterflies flowery wallpaper for baby room

The cheerful colours will attract the attention of your child thus creating an optimal environment for them to play in. You can choose this beautiful butterfly’s flowery wallpaper.

Dandelion wallpaper for baby room

To fulfil your little one’s dreams, you can decorate the baby room with Dandelion wallpaper which will create a perfect environment for your little one to grow up.  You can choose this dandelion patterned wallpaper for your baby room or living room.

Stickers of stars and clouds for baby room

Stars are best choice if you want your baby to see the adoring twinkling stars in his/her room. You can use this very cute stickers of stars and clouds for your baby room or living room.

The universe wallpaper for babies

If you want to inspire your little one with dreams then you must go for universe themed wallpaper because it depicts different planets, stars and galaxies which will create perfect holistic environment for your baby to encourage their dreams. You can buy this beautiful universe themed wallpaper.