Abstract Figures

If you would like to come to Venice and see for yourself how romantic and enchanting is this City, you are in the right place. As Venice is the home of famous art galleries and art history, Murano’sglass-processing legacy found a place in Venetian Culture centuries and centuries ago. Venice is of course globally recognized for its unique scenery, for its lagoon, but also for its ever-lasting tradition of glassmaking in the near Isle of Murano.

Here, Glass Masters and creative designers reunite to create majestic works of art, starting from glassware to home décor items or even sculptures. Being of course influenced by Murano’s tradition, Venice’s landscape, and colors, these highly skilled artisans bring out their own style, artistry, and craftsmanship, resulting in extraordinary figures. Sculptures, for example, are the epitome of hard work and beauty. They feature abstract concepts and simple curves that make your imagination travel through Venice’s heritage and creative spectrum. Abstract art, in fact, is able to convey images that do not belong to our experience and that are practically unreal. It expresses the artist’s concept in the freest way possible by highlighting shapes, colors, and composition: the only real main characters.  Abstract art is pretty much considered modern art since it was born in the early 2000s, however, the most important thing that detaches this kind of art is the fact that it is made to transfer hidden meanings and contents into the viewer’s mind in a free and original way.

The same happens in our abstract Sculptures at YourMurano, where Glass Masters work in the furnaces and give shape to initially simple items by enriching them with decorations and colors. Of course, in Murano, the protagonist is Glass. Whether it is clear glass or colorful chalcedony glass, our artisans create exclusive sculptures balancing materials and forms. Chalcedony Glass for example is one of the best and most fascinating materials to create an item with. It is dark and opaque, green and purple; mixed with other precious substances results in spectacular color lines and shine. A secret combination of materials gives birth to unexpected and unpredictable nuances. Our Abstract Sculptures are also made with solid glass and murrine decorations, Murano’s traditional glass embellishment that gives off exceptional hues and patterns. Combine all of this with completely handmade shapes and admire these special works of art.

Enjoy our vibrant collections of Murano Glass Sculptures in a variety of shapes: figures reminding us of fire, nature, ribbons, and knots. Use your imagination and try to understand the meaning behind their unusual colors and lines. Check them out on our catalog selection and have fun by placing them in any room to create an important focal point that is surely going to stand out.